It’s time to abolish the Senate.

Roly Wight
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While Canadians are working harder just to make ends meet, the Senate in Ottawa is working less, but increasing in size and cost. It sits only 90 days a year and costs taxpayers over $90 million to run. Unelected and unaccountable senators represent the parties that appointed them, not their regions or the Canadian people. They are only required to work three days a week – when they actually bother to show up. Provinces like Manitoba and Quebec scrapped their “Senates” years ago. The people of New Zealand have also done away with their upper chamber. It’s time for Canada to do the same. Stephen Harper once called the Senate a “relic of the 19th century”. But he’s stacked the Senate with 58 partisan appointments since becoming Prime Minister. It’s time to abolish the Senate.




  • 5 years ago
    Roland Wight Canada
    5 years ago