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Operation:New MapleSEA Protocol activated(Contributed by DUSTMANRyu) The petition probably should include some conditions of the protocol clearly: 1) Mandatory list of bug fixes upon every patch update, as shown by GMS as an example. -> 1.1) Recommended bug fix list based on community feedback and bug checklist provided by Bug Report Thread. -> 1.2) State Known Issues and Unfixed Bugs clearly, following GMS example. 2) Mandatory information provided to affected players during unexpected server downtime. 3) Extend and regulate urgent server downtime message to implement a compulsory 15 to 30-minute advance notice. No last minute notices within 5 minutes of downtime. -> 3.1) Recommended server downtime messages in form of weather message in-game, as chat boxes and scrolling messages may not server as sole way of communication to players. -> 3.2) Popup message in MapleSEA website/login indicating an urgent downtime approaching. 4) Provide proper server and world status in official MapleSEA website. -> 4.1) Redirect players attempting to access MapleSEA website with a message indicating urgent server downtime. 5) Isolate PlayPark Forums and MapleSEA website from MapleSEA game services to minimise lag during server downtime. -> 5.1) Improve communication to affected players through social media periodically. 6) Review all @cash/Maple cash items and pricing. 7) Review all in-game items and pricing. 8) Equal and fair treatment to all players by using best possible decision made by management. No blatant decision to be made by management depending on community feedback. 9) If any possibility, open up MapleSEA Tespia to selected members of the community, apart from in-house developers and testers for broader feedback and improvement. 10) Implement ban lists and proper bug extermination reports, in conjunction of protocol #1. (cited from killmeplzok) 11) Full revamp of MapleSEA website of KMS- or GMS-quality and layout. -> 11.1) Including separate tabs for Patch Changes, System Events, Bug Fix List, etc. 12) Stricter AsiaSoft passport requirements, especially account holders below certain age for added security. 13) Review of @Key pricing and promotions to further emphasize on added security gaming. 14) Removal of 50 fame requirement and login CAPTCHA due to lack of promising results based on expectations. 15) Make a change to the login server BGM to something more interesting and exotic. Please refer to the same login BGM for years could be a boredom for players.)[This is optional]
 16) Include in a Music player in free markets to choose your very OWN favourite soundtrack base on YOUR preference.This is only to be heard by the person itself,others would not be affected. 17) Include in a coin to mesos exchange(500m,1B,2B) to prevent players from getting scam since max mesos is limited to 2,147,483,647.(Moderators have often told us to deal under MTS or purely mesos trade between 1 on 1.On the contrary,it is much more vulnerable to get scammed for items above the max mesos cap limit.) 18)Allow certain cash items decorations to be sold under shop.For example,cash shop permanent weapons and etc. Contributed by dannysj 1) Renew the game launcher. Just like the game launcher in GMS, update notices in every moments, so that maplers don't need to wasting energy to access the web instead of knowing the notice from the game launcher. 2) Renew the iBox system. Asiasoft must have a specific team to incharge the iBox , replying bugs and questions from players AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. not taking 3-14 working days. 3) Instead of asking game developers doing all job, Asiasoft must have a specific "Bug Exterminators" team , just like GMS, getting out bugs, and fixed the lapsap bugs. 4) Changing the new Firewall game shield. Since that HackShield was unable to prevent hackers bypass Significantly, should change another shield. 5) Remove the wastes requirement that makes problem to legit players, such as fames requirement to enter the map( eg. Leafre, the unfames' one is tough on doing 4th job advancement ), Captha ( Wasn't Prove any improvement on preventing hackers bypassing, and etc. 6) Asiasoft should create a web developers team, to incharge every game website, updates the site every moment ( notice that MSEA sites' Cash Shop Tab wasn't update few years ago ) 7) Appoint more Bug moderators in the forum to constantly check for new bug updates. (If no replies have been made after 20 days,what is Asiasoft trying to convey to their consumer.To add on,what is the use of the Bug report section if it takes more than 20 days for a reply to be made and acknowledged?)


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