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Silver Banshee and Batgirl to join Supergirl in Season 4

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Now while we are still aiming on having CW get Italia Ricci to reprise her role as Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee on Supergirl and as a series regular for the fourth season with Garrett Smythe/Black Banshee as the main antagonist, it's also a perfect time to have Batgirl planned on making an entrance into the Arrowverse's Girl of Steel series next year and the actress most notable as a red head and local for the showrunners to cast as Barbara Gordon or Stephanie Brown and for the first two to three episodes of the 4th season next year before getting started on another season of Teen Wolf is Holland Roden.

Just like Italia, Holland plays a banshee on the CW Teen Wolf series named Lydia Martin and because Tyler Hoechlin co-starred with her in the supernatural series before joining Supergirl as Superman which is one good reason to have her buddying up with Melissa as Batgirl next fall next year as Supergirl's best ally in fighting evil and with Italia joining them as a redeemed Silver Banshee as Kara's best friend from the New 52. So here are the benefits of having Italia and Holland join Melissa in season 4 and why we should convince the show runners of the CW shows to have them on board by then and how we can get them to make it happen without any problems at all:

*More sociable interaction and epic experiences with our favorite characters in action on the live action screen. For example, Killer Frost and Silver Banshee along with Winn and Cisco having a lot in common.

*As said before, Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee is Supergirl's best friend in the New 52 and Batgirl is Supergirl's best ally on fighting against evil

*Much like Flash season 4, Supergirl is about to enter the Rebirth era of comic based plots and the main villain of the 4th season is to be a non alien conqueror/non interstellar threat and based on what Supergirl has not fully been experienced anticipating against. the best foe for her to take on as season 4's big bad should be the Black Banshee

*Italia Ricci, married to Firestorm actor Robbie Amell and as the sister-in-law of Arrow's Stephen Amell is too good an actress for CW to replace as Silver Banshee so it's best to help her get back to Supergirl as Siobhan Smythe and in order to do that without any schedule conflicts, not only will we need to convince the show runners of Supergirl to hold off from filming season 3's final two episodes until mid april next year so she can finish shooting her scenes in Designated Survivor season 2 and make sure she reprises her role as a redeemed Silver Banshee in the girl of steel's third season finale, but we'll also need to find another actress for the show runners of the hit ABC series to replace her with as Emily Rhodes in Designated Survivor's yet to be announced third season and with the show starring Kiefer Sutherland is produced by David Guggenhiem, we will need to reach out to his brother Marc Guggenhiem, the producer of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow to help convince him to let Italia return for Supergirl next year and have actress Anna Hopkins or Willa Holland if any of their characters die in Arrow season 6 premier replace Ricci for Emily Rhodes. Same with her recognition for portraying the Prime Earth version of the Silver Banshee in the first season. Besides it would be too much of a drag for Italia to take plane trips over to Vancouver and back to Toronto during each shows filming run.

*Having Supergirl and Silver Banshee teaming up with Batgirl against villains like Firefly, Killer Moth, Livewire, Poison Ivy and another female supervillain will make the first three episodes in Supergirl season 4 a huge hit

*While Kara and Siobhan will be with the DEO fighting against the Black Banshee and his division of Cadmus as well as other earthbound enemies, they will both still team up against alien threats and Kara and some of the DEO Operatives she and Silver Banshee are with will have sound filters so they aren't affected by the loud screams

*Before season 3's final episodes, the show runners of Supergirl should have Mon-El make his return and introduce Kara to the Legion of Superheroes by having her go into the future and the enemy they should have her team up with them against should be any except the Fatal Five. They are to have Mon-El back inbetween the mid season 3 finale and the third season's 18th episode so that they'll make sure the Black Banshee is teased as the season 4 big bad in the season 3 finale's last scene.

*With Gotham confirmed to be on Earth 38 of the Arrow Multiverse, the show runners should have Kara and Siobhan arrive in Gotham to meet up with Barbara Gordon or Stephanie Brown before teaming up with her and any DEO operatives that came to Gotham to assist the girls with any alien or anti alien activity and team up with her as Supergirl, Silver Banshee, and Batgirl against Garfield Lynns in the first episode. Then in the second episode they'll team up against the second Firefly Ted Carson who will replace Lynns for his failure or betrayal to Cadmus and Killer Moth will be included for the trio of female superheroes to face off against.

*Then if Holland Roden still has time for a third episode before the next season of Teen Wolf next year, they should have her paired up with Melissa and Italia against Brit Morgan (Livewire) and two other female stars for Poison Ivy and Cheeta.

*For the fourth season's 4th episode and the fifth flash season's fourth or fifth episode, they should have the Halloween Crossover featuring Kara, Siobhan, Winn, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Julian dealing with the Black Banshee, Solomon Grundy and Cadmus on Earth 38.

*Also incase Winn's relationship with Lyra endures, Siobhan will need a new love interest and a best choice of a hero for her to have a relationship with is Jayme Reyes/Blue Beetle who will be the doppleganger of Cisco's brother Dante and make his intro by being on the run from Cadmus and Siobhan's fallen father

*The key items Supergirl, Silver Banshee and the DEO will be searching for throughout season 4 will be the Smythe Family heirlooms which in the comics were the source of the McDougal clans curse that by searching for all 6 of them, they will destroy them all in order to end the Smythe family curse once and for all

*Finally after the epic battle in the season 4 against Black Banshee but before Siobhan destroys the last heirloom, she should go with Supergirl to Earth One and team up with the Flash, Green Arrow, and Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond from another earth) against Godspeed since it was awesome seeing the Amell cousins team up with Grant against Tom Cavanaugh in the first season that making it happen again with Italia joining in the final battle against Godspeed, that shall be the grand prize for all of us to see if we can pull this off before CW starts formulating ideas for season 4

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