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Issues of 2020-2021

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In the timeline of 2020-2021, many issues that don’t just affect some countries but most countries have occurred. To name a few, Covid-19, Racism & Inequality: Mental Health, and many more. But today, we are only covering what we think are the main issues, the main issues that we have already mentioned. These aren’t just issues, these are global issues that you will be informed of or reminded of today, and are still happening

Canadians need more support for issues arising out of Covid-19. Healthcare, Homelessness and economic instability play a huge role in this mess. We need support for small businesses, more mental health initiatives, stop evictions, and in health care services, give priority to those who are sick, are diagnosed with a disease, etc.

We need racism in the enforcement of protocols because a person’s race or gender should never determine whether they deserve healthcare or not. In relation to this, there is racism and sexism in terms of evictions and being homeless. Not too far away, jobs closing are affecting homelessness rates and small business owners are having trouble paying bills or are lying heavily in debt. Give priority to those who are sick, are diagnosed with a disease, etc. Due to COVID-19, many organizations are unable to feed or provide clothes to homeless people so what can be done is-Create a GIS/GPS system or any other system that can track down or show where the majority of homeless people are located so locals can help. Please provide more job opportunities or a temporary job for those who have lost their job or are having trouble with bills.

Canadians of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and genders need support in accepting everyone (not based on looks, prosperity or poverty, gender or race); but because at the end of the day we all are humans. Pave the road for creating understanding, acceptance, trust, and friendship between all citizens of Canada.

People of colour, little wealth, and low-class people are more likely to be targeted by police brutality which calls for the need to publicly show your support by gathering people who support your cause, and peacefully protest- and encouraging people to begin campaigns or fundraisers for innocent victims around the world. As well, educate people to not tell people what their capabilities are, what they can or cannot do based on their gender, and not shame people of other genders. Canadians should be educated on what they should and should not expect from officers. Inform police officers that their duty is to 'serve and protect’ and not ‘to scare and provoke’- because if police brutality continues to rise, civilians will begin to fear the police even in times of an emergency. A solution to gender inequality could be to include people of all genders into your friend group, spread awareness against misogyny, etc, and inspire people to speak up and spread awareness on issues you know are ongoing, are unjust, oppressive, and go against human rights.

The devastation of the pandemic — millions of deaths, economic strife, and unprecedented curbs on social interaction — has already had a marked effect on people’s mental health. Please show support for people going through depression, anxiety, or general stress. Remember we need more hugs, fewer suicides.

People have taken a huge toll from staying inside always, stopped following Covid-19 safety protocols, and protested anti-masking saying that it is “useless” and “not needed” and this may be because social isolation has led to many people being lonely. This loneliness affects a person’s physical, mental, and cognitive health negatively. To meet this, since the pandemic began, there has been an increasing rate of cases of depression and suicide. As well, lack of access to attend or be able to meet therapists, healthcare providers and counseling sessions frequently have added to the cause too. The government should show people the importance of distancing themselves from others and wear masks to protect yourself and others around them. Create opportunities for people (virtual clubs, general interest clubs) that would resume people to have fun in their virtual social circles. Donate to fundraisers and charities to provide doctors and frontline workers with appropriate gear to treat those with the diseases.

Conclusion: With the information, you have read about COVID-19, racism, inequality, and mental health we would like for you to help make a change in the world. These issues are very important and in dire need of serious attention or else they will keep rising. Let’s come together, sign this petition, and make a change in our world. After all, every effort counts.

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