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I,G. Sai Charan, have ordered online for a 2GB apple ipod on worth Rs. 3,100(then). They informed that the time span for the shipment of the product is 3 weeks instead of 3(or less) days for any other online shopping website like tradus, flipkart, indiaplaza etc. I still accepted that and waited for the 3-week time span.But the product had not been shipped. A week passed and still there is no response and the status of the order was still awaiting shipment. Then i requested for the cancellation of the order about 2 months ago. I have called them for about atleast 40 times and the response is that i should wait till the order gets cancelled. The status of the order is still "awaiting shipment" . I seriously regret for my decision to buy an ipod in that freaking website of theirs. I would like to have my order cancelled and my money refunded back.
                               Please help me and spread this till it reaches them.

                                                                                         Thank You



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