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SAVE BLUE revoke BSL and redesign Dangerous Dogs Act

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'Blue' is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with some English Bull Terrier. Apparently This mix of breed produces criteria that matches that which the police use to 'type' as pitbulls. A list of checkboxes regarding his appearance alone  is all they need and whether the dog is of good temperament is not their concern.
Blue was a 3wk old puppy when we got him. Myself, my partner and our 3 children have smothered him with love and affection for almost 5yrs now. We have nurtured and trained him so well that he walks to heel without a lead and stays to heel even when walking past other dogs, cats, vehicles. He trusts us implicitly and just wants to please us. Our 18month old baby, 9 and 10yr old girls follow him round and torment him relentlessly but he never gets bored of them and there is never even the slightest worry that he would get angry he is just not that type of dog.
In the yrs we've had him he has been in contact with up to 20 police officers who have stroked him and commented on how nice he was. One time when he was left stranded in our car when my partner had taken ill they even delivered him home to one of our neighbours till I could get there. Virtually everyone on my estate knows Blue and especially the children. I take him for a 5mile jog every other day and he is not just a family pet he is actaully part of our family.
On friday 14th Oct a local eager young officer happened to walk past and notice Blue on my front porch. He walked up my drive and asked me if I had papers and registration documents. He left having taken the telephone number of the vets where Blue was microchipped and registered. On weds 19th Oct at around 8pm the police turned up mob handed with around 5 vehicles full of police and dog handlers to seize Blue under the Dangerous Dogs Act right in front of our children. They left us without a moments thought of what kind of counselling our kids will need, we had to keep them off school the first day they were so distraught.
The police left us a mobile phone number and said that the 'typing' process should take 1 or 2 weeks so not to bother getting in touch till then. It turns out now that they were using truth economics here and it might be months and months before we get him back. Not only that but he has to be tattooed, muzzelled, neutered, insured, no one under 16 can hold him on a lead. This is just absolute madness and will be a serious travesty of justice if this happens to Blue.
The Breed Specific Legislation and Dangerous Dogs Act have statistically shown no reduction in dog attacks. Anyone can train ANY dog to be viscious or to be loving, it is a function of how they are reared and so the legilation should point towards the dog owners rather than the dogs themselves.
I am a staunch advocate of the British Legal System and believe it to be best greatest on the planet but in this instance it is failing. Whoever made up these rules did not have the full picture or was driven by isolated public outrages.
This is my petition for Blue saying the law needs to be changed and when this petition is large enough I intend to go to Downing St. and hand it to the Prime Minister himself to convey the hurt that my family has suffered and inspire him to stop this from happening to anybody else.
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Since starting this petition we have found that it will not be recognised by the Houses of Parliament so a new petition has been submitted and is currently being reviewed and should be open sign inthe very near future at with the title of the petition being SAVEBLUE repeal BSL amend DDA
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