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iRacing IndyCar: Give The Power Back To It's Own Community

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On the 25th September 2012, iRacing will move into it's 9th Week of Season 3 competition, and with it, place the IndyCar in new territory, namely Talladega.

By doing this iRacing has made a mockery of the car, series, and fans who have signed up for the service, by using the most unrealistic track combination possible for the car. Despite opinions, the facts remain:

-The engines have never been stressed to that level
-The Tyres have never been tested for such speeds
-The Car's bodywork has not been subjected to the tests it needs to withstand such speeds and stresses.

Essentially, iRacing here are taking a car designed to do X, and determining it can do Y, and that is before you consider the track, and the type of racing it would promote.

Stacking cars up 2 wide, 9 cars deep is NOT the style of racing IndyCar fans want to promote, or race with. The fact the concerted efforts by the series to change the style of racing from pack to a method where the onus is on the driver is emphasis of this, and it's rave reviews demonstrate the change in landscape. Despite iRacing running the old car, there are methods that can be done, within the framework of realism, to address this, and provide good racing, and this is not one of them.

The racing will speak for itself, and many may base their opinions on that. The issue of contention remains however: iRacing can not **** in the eyes of it's loyal customer base just to increase participation. Weeks like this may attract more people for the week, and a few may stay, but at the same time, members of the IndyCar community have threatened, and actually left over this incident, and removing a layer from the top of the competition base will only hurt it all the way down. The track never has, and never will be considered for racing by the series, and the idea of Daytona was met with "Serious Concerns" by drivers.

Whilst it can be appreciated that there are some allowances that may need to be made to make use of the track base available, and fill gaps where tracks are not available, these should be done on a nearest match basis, beginning with tracks that have been on the series previously. For example, Dover, Motegi and Loudon are all missing from the schedule. Whilst the racing was poor at Dover, it still eliminates two "Drivers" tracks, the former for which it seems a decision was made on removal taking away from the fact it's first race week was held just before the iR Indy 500, when teams and drivers were racing against time to be prepared for qualifying.

To this end, the undersigned request:

-That decisions about the IndyCar community are made by the IndyCar community. Whilst it is appreciated that there are members who may join in the future, there are mechanisms that can be used to assess why people DON'T run series, without placing power to change the schedule beyond recognition.
-Emphasis is provided to both Road and Oval equally, and methods of embracing the uniqueness of the car are explored
-Any appointed "Delegate/s" of the community is/are held accountable to the community when assisting in decision making processes, and is/are transparent in actions.
-More direct communication is held with members of the community, rather than a convoluted process which may fail to take into account views, opinions and reasonings.
-The heritage of USAC/IndyCar/US Open Wheel racing is taken into consideration when making decisions in order to avoid offending those who may have a long lasting passion for such sport.
-iRacing remember their sales pitch used in many IndyCar online broadcast advertisements and other forms of direct marketing to entice people to join the service, and continue to produce the worlds "most realistic racing simulator ever created", rather than committing actions akin to moving towards an arcade game.


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