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NO! ... to the investiture of a new Prince of Wales

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Rydym ni, y Cymry o bedwar ban y byd, yn rhoi rhybudd gyda hyn na dderbyniwn unrhyw ymgais gan Lywodraeth Prydain i lwyfannu unrhyw "arwisgiad" arall o "Dywysog Cymru", gan y byddai hynny yn anghyson a Datganoli a\'i ddatblygiad anochel a hefyd yn groes i dynged y genedl Gymreig fel pobol rydd a sofran. We, Welsh people from all over the world, give notice that we will not accept any attempt by a British Government to stage any further "investiture" of a "Prince of Wales". Such a move would be inconsistent with the inexorable progress of Devolution and the manifest destiny of the Welsh nation as a free and sovereign people.


This petition has been commissioned by a group of concerned Welsh patriots.
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