Inverness Royal Academy Extension

John Macdonald
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The Parent Council is concerned that even allowing for the economic downturn the projected School roll will outstrip the capacity of the current building by the commencement of the 2012-13 Session. The School already makes extensive use of hutted accommodation which is inadequate and increasingly expensive to maintain. The main building is dated in comparison with more modern designs now in widespread use across Scotland, and the canteen is totally inadequate for the present School roll let alone the projected one.

The major extension planned is very welcome. However, mindful of the timescales required for designing, tendering, building and commissioning a building of this size we are concerned that work needs to begin now if targets are to be met and the new facility is to be up and running well before the start of the 2012-13 Session.

We the undersigned call upon the Highland Council to demonstrate that a robust plan is in place to deliver the new extension before the School roll outstrips the capacity of the current buildings, and that the Council liaises with the Parent Council and the wider Parent Forum to ensure that the views of parents (alongside those of staff, pupils, and other stakeholders) are taken into account.  

Please indicate in the Comments section if you are a parent, a pupil, or a supporter. This will help us when we submit the petition to Highland Council. Thank you for your interest and your support. 








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