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Against compulsory intimate examinations of women in Poland

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Against compulsory intimate examinations of women in Poland We are a group of Polish women who want to file a complaint against Poland concerning treating us by the Polish government, politicians and doctors. As we all know, the European Union has joined in the prevention of cervical cancer. Poland has to do it as well as other European countries do. We all accept this and agree with it entirely. However, the Polish government wants to give an order so that women would be forced to undergo cytological, gynaecological examinations (also called cervical smear tests). In other words, the Polish government intends to make such examinations obligatory. The Polish Minister of Health wants to make women devoid of their work if they refuse to undergo these cytological, gynaecological examinations. This bill is against the international human rights. In every civilized country that unfair idea would be rejected very quickly but in Poland such a thing has plenty of followers. Our Minister of Health Ewa Kopacz is determined to force this bill at once. Ewa Kopacz is highly associated with Polish gynaecologists and oncologists who want to enforce that bill to earn money for themselves. These Polish doctors who are lobbyists in Polish parliament demand so that every woman ranging in age of 25 and 59 would undergo the compulsory cytological examination. If any woman refuses to do so – she will be made redundant. Polish doctors and government do not care about women’s feelings, emotions and their mental health. They do not care about women who are virgins, or women who are victims of sexual violence, or just women who do not agree on such an examination because it is humiliating when imposed upon them. They do not care about women’s will and right to choose. They do not have any respect for women. But the most important thing is that they do not care about women’s health because women in Poland who have cervical cancer have to wait so long for medical treatment that they often die though they could survive. (!) The cytological compulsion will seize women’s right to choose and ability to make any decisions about their own body. The cytological compulsory examinations transgresses precepts of the Polish Law. According to the Polish Law, women and men are of equivalent genders and they have the same rights to be treated with respect for their autonomy, self – determination and dignity. Besides, the Polish Law gives all Poles the right to choose a doctor if they must undergo any medical examination and the right to refuse such an examination entirely. Unfortunately, this law only works in relation to Polish men, not to Polish women. In Poland compulsory medical examinations are used only in relation to homicidal people but even such people are treated better than the Polish government is treating working women. In the Polish Law there is a ban imposed on discrimination in every place of work, regarding sex. The compulsory examinations of private parts of women’s body as a part of suitability tests for performing work is just disgusting. There is no analogous compulsory examination for working men because the government and doctors respect their rights. Polish men do not undergo examinations at all though prostate cancer is much more occurring than cervical cancer ! In Poland we hear every day pressing and noisy propaganda – doctors claim that Polish women do not undergo the cytological examinations and they are not health conscious – that is not true! In Poland the public gynaecological surgeries are sleazy and doctors are boorish and gauche so women prefer to undergo cytological examinations in private surgeries. The public, boorish doctors can not earn enough money and that is the reason why they demand cytological compulsion in their surgeries. This blackmail – the obligatory examinations made by insensitive and boorish doctors or otherwise making women redundant is a scandal ! We have many women who even have  trauma after being treated badly in the public surgeries in Poland. We, a group of women who are writing this complaint, ask Your Organization for help. Could you broadcast our problem in Europe or even in the whole world and influence the Polish government to regard women and their rights for personal inviolability as essential? We are helpless because the government and Polish oncologists know well about our disagreement on such examinations forced upon us but they do not care about our rights and consult only their own interests.

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