Intersection Traffic Light at Hwy 121 and St. John's Church Rd.In Blackshear_Georgia.

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Too many accidents have happened at the intersection on Hwy 121 and St. John's Church Road, which have caused serious injuries or even deaths. As pierce County Residents, we must join together and demand safety for our neighbors, children, Grandchildren, parents, sisters, brothers, and other love ones. We have many people (young and older) that travels through this intersection daily. I have observed cars and trucks (including 18 wheelers and log truck flying down this road through this intersection. I've even witness 18 wheelers passing other vehicles on Hwy 121 through the intersection at St. John's Church Road. We must take a stand now to slow these speeding cars and trucks down through this intersection. We know that this will not happen over night, so if we are really concerned about saving lives, we must join together now and sign this petition. By signing this Petition; You are agreeing with the others in demanding safer roads in our County ( Pierce County). We suggest a traffic light with flashing caution lights on Hwy 121 several hundred feet in both directions, before the intersection. Just think about it; What you do today about this problem may save a life down the road, and that life could even be someone in your family. Thank you very much Petition for intersection Safety Hwy 121 & St. John's Church Rd. Nothing can make it 100% accident free, however by slowing the traffic down and making them aware of the intersection, that will help save lives if someone make a mistake. The last few accidents there have involve vehicles traveling at excess speeds. Several Families now have the pain of losing a loved one at this intersection ! Please help by signing this petition and spreading the word and get others to sign it too.


We The People of Pierce County (Blackshear, GA.)





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