Rethink Linux on our PC's at Springfield School

Megan  Hall
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We as the pupils of Springfield school feel that Linux does not work effectively to enhance our ICT education, offer the flexibility and variety of programs and resources that other platforms may offer. There have been examples of students not being able to copy over GCSE work and general complaints of how the system is inadequate for school life.

We understand that Microsoft Windows can be expensive, a drain on money which could be spent elsewhere, but Linux does not the same quality programs and resources that are available on the equivalent platforms and office suites are stunted in user experience and control. Currently the implementation of Microsoft Office is again limiting. The fact it is installed on a virtual server means you can not copy and paste - a basic computing necessity. Microsoft products may be costly but they can not be beaten in quality, ease of use and compatibility.

Business and Communication pupils this year just escaped using Linux during our practical and controlled assessment. But next year grades will suffer. Just because we are no longer a Technology College, we cannot afford to fall behind other schools who are adopting newer technology. 

As pupils we only want what is best. We believe we have the right to be able to access our school documents without fear of them being deleted or the system not being compatible. In the case of Linux and open source we are not being closed minded but merely wish for other alternatives to be looked at. Considering pupils are the primary users of these machines we would like more say in what we use, where we use. 





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