Install a traffic light at the Adams/Hathaway/East Street intersection

Su Shen
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Dear Parents:

If your children go to the Fiske School or the Diamond Middle school, and you drop-off and pick-up your children, you most likely have experienced the traffic jam at the Adams, Hathaway and East intersection during the morning and afternoon school runs, like me.

Researching the traffic condition and leveraging my experience from my MIT transportation and planning days, I think the gridlock can be resolved by installing a traffic light at the intersection and repositioning the pedestrian crossing and cross-guard to the intersection. I have filed a petition with the Lexington Town Planning department. The Planning Department agrees there is a problem, but need more evidence of citizens’ support before they can move forward with more investigation and develop a solution. There are hundreds of competing requests. The planning department has to prioritize requests by how many residents are asking for it.

I am therefore asking for your support to urge the Town’s Planning Department to implement a solution to address the traffic jam at the intersection. Please sign this petition and put your address in the comment box to show you’re a resident in Lexington.


Su Shen