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Mr Irwin Evans Crest Nicholson Crest House 30 High Street Westerham Kent, TN16 1RG Dear Mr Evans, Re: NO TO PARKING ENFORCEMENT IN INGRESS PARK Due to the fact that the garages are too small and that there are insufficient parking spaces in Ingress Park, most residents have had to park our cars or our visitors cars outside our own garage, house or driveways and we have done so during the past 4 years without disturbing anyone in anyway possible. The roads are private and wide enough so parking has never been an issue between the neighbours. There are absolutely no alternative parking bays in the whole estate for residents who own more than one car or have a medium size car or family car that do not fit in the garage, for those who have children, pregnant women, disabled and elderly who are not able to get out of their cars if parked in the garages, the only option is the space we have on the road right by our house, garage or driveway, which is wide enough for all of us to park without disturbing any of our neighbours or obstructing the traffic. We are extremely upset about the management company bringing the enforcement to place without ever taking into account our opinion, we strongly oppose by all means to the enforcement which is absolutely unnecessary, unjust and unfair and it is causing financial detriment for all residents as we will have to bear the costs of introducing the enforcement, we will be paying for fines which will be issued unfairly and what is worse the value of our properties is with no doubt the expenses in putting such enforcements to place is reflected in our service charge budget and the ticketing company will be hunting us and our visitors 24 hrs a day for parking tickets to increase their revenue. Furthermore it detriments the value of our properties as residents have had to put their houses up for sale due to the parking enforcement and have had no sold because prospective buyers are put off by the parking enforcement situation, so by all means the parking enforcement is already affecting us all dramatically. Therefore we would like to express our extreme opposition to such ridiculous measures, they are not necessary and it is unacceptable the lack of flexibility on the parking regulations and the lack of respect towards the residents who have not been taken into account in this decision. Peverel have advised that parking restrictions will apply on a black and white basis with no regard or consideration to any circumstances and that these are the instructions they have from Crest Nicholson. It is clear that parking regulations are to be in place to stop people from obstructing the roads and accessways but simply parking on a roadway does not itself cause obstruction to a right of way hence if we are not obstructing the roads we are not in breach of the regulations. We cannot understand why Crest Nicholson would be so adamant in imposing the enforcement without any regard to the residents and without taking into consideration the fact that did not provide sufficient parking spaces for everyone and everyone's visitors. We pay for the maintenance of the roads and so we should be able to park, within reason and comfortably without the threat of being ticketed. It is disgusting that we pay such high fees to live in this area, yet cannot park outside our own homes. It now seems that the parking restrictions are becoming more familiar to people even outside of the area. As it is a well known estate, when we tell people where we live they comment on the restrictions and how awful it must be to be a resident in Ingress Park!! We feel that the inflexible parking restrictions actually attempt against our Human Rights and are by all means discriminatory. Since the OPC was brought to Ingress Park the whole situation of the parking enforcement has driven all residents to a state of stress and anger, the situation has just worsen since the announcement from Peverel of the introduction of the new ticketing company that commenced on 1st June and the stricter restrictions on Visitors Parking Bays to be implemented, the levels of stress on all of us have increased dramatically, we feel we are being forced to live under a dreadful dictatorship and we cannot live our lives under this state of stress and frustration. It is unacceptable the way Peverel is dealing with the Parking Control, having no regard whatsoever for the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women and children, their attitude towards the residents’ views and circumstances is insulting and their conduct contravenes the Disability and Discrimination Act, Age Discrimination and Sex Discrimination Act, as well as Human Rights. Peverel have proved their extreme lack of competence in dealing with parking control in Ingress Park and therefore we want to self-police our roads with regards to parking regulations, parking has never been an issue in the private roads and cul du sacs nevertheless we are determined to self-manage the roads to make sure parking never gets out of control. We do not want the ticketing company in our Estate hence we oppose by all means to their intrusion in our roads. We note the roads will be adopted soon and therefore we are also in the process of raising our petition with our MP RESIDENTS OF INGRESS PARK Note: We will present this petition to Crest Nicholson and Mr Stoate MP. If you support our efforts to stop parking enforcement in Ingress Park please add your signature below. Thanks


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