Ingrebourne River footpath at Hacton Lane Parkway

Russell Estcourt
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The footpath beginning at Hacton Lane to the left of the Hacton Parkway play area has recently been blocked. This footpath has been used by many, including myself, for at least twenty years. Ramblers, dog walkers and athletes from the local athletics club all use the footpath on a daily basis. Even in winter, when the path is thick with mud, it is rare not to meet another user of the footpath.

The grid reference for this path is TQ 54906 85901, ending TQ 54122 85245 (you can use to search the reference numbers, or view this link

Two huge trenches have been made along the footpath to act as drainage for the adjacent farmlands, blocking access. A large barrier of felled trees has also been erected.

I have always believed that this footpath was public land. The council (I assume) routinely cut back the bramble to keep the pathway accessible all year round. However, it appears that this is not the case. What now? Well, we need people to say that they have used the path, and the longer you have used the path, the better. Please sign this petition and help make this footpath accessible again.

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