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Dear Esther and Laurent,

We, the undersigned, would like to take this opportunity to share with you some thoughts, worries and frustrations following the conduct of Infor Barcelona around the current global crisis.

Whilst each one of us is more than grateful to be part of an organization like Infor, we also feel the need to be transparent with you by means of this open letter. Therefore, we would like to bring the following points to your attention:

1) Since we were requested to work from home in March 2020 due to the governmental regulations and after the last official note on the 25th of June 2020, we have not received any communication regarding the eventual return to office leaving many of us with questions. We feel that there is a lack of transparency from your side. Due to the size and status of Infor, better communication is expected. Whilst many organizations in Barcelona have revealed that there will be no return to the office this year, Infor has left us with uncertainty on this matter.

2) A global pandemic is unexpected by everyone and we are aware this has left you and the Corporate Team with many doubts on how to handle such a situation. However, an employee has their duty just as much as the organization they work for. We, the undersigned, can state that we have been flexible and are doing our utmost to perform which is also reflected in the continuous success of Infor and its customers. However, now we do not feel that our efforts are being appreciated and valued. Let us explain why.

Many of Infor’s employees in Barcelona are not locals, unlike in many other Infor offices around the world. In times of a pandemic, understandably, many of us wanted to go home to take care of, support or simply spend time with our loved ones in our home countries. You can imagine the mental and psychological stress this may bring to some of us, not being able to be with our families in times like these. Nonetheless, we feel that there has been little understanding from Infor regarding this matter. The inflexibility, lack of adaptability and lack of clarification has left many of us disappointed, frustrated and angry due to the fact that we are not allowed to work outside of Barcelona (our location of residence)..

This ‘rule’ (only being able to work in Barcelona) implied by Infor has never been fully clarified. The sole explanation provided is because of the health insurance. Whilst working abroad might bring many bureaucratic procedures and complications, there are workarounds to the insurance of employees abroad. Not everyone was able to work from home; we were either living with children, eight flatmates or had a lack of sufficient workspace and peace to properly perform our job contributing more and more to our overall well being.

Until today, Infor has failed to provide us with any legal labour law evidence as to why this is not allowed, even when requested. In Infor’s handbook it states that authorization must be given by their management to work from home and an official note must be given by HR to Seguridad Social. This is also backed up by the data on Europa.eu stating that the company must inform Seguridad Social and fill in the PD A1 form. Clearly, there seem to be options, however Infor does not seem to want to cooperate.

We feel that the mental health of staff is not really considered. If your workforce can perform better by working from another place than Barcelona, either due to working space or being able to spend time with family, the chances of this should at least be evaluated. Employees have been forced to return to Spain otherwise they would lose their job. We can debate on whether this approach is aligned with the Infor Core Value ‘’Sense of Community’’ that highlights social responsibility and showing compassion to its employees or the Inclusion & Diversity philosophy that is supposed to foster a culture where everyone feels safe, trusted, and valued.

3) Working from home for six months brings a lot of additional costs. For many of us, bills increased x2 or even x3. More water is utilized and a lot more energy is consumed. Meanwhile, as presented in Infor's global Kickoffs, the global performance has not seen drastic decreases in performance rates. However, on an individual level, some of us in the sales departments worked with strongly affected industries resulting in a substantial high decrease in monthly commissions. The rising bills are a burden for many of us as most of our salary goes to fixed costs. Whilst many organizations in Barcelona, leaders in the market like Infor and smaller organizations, have provided their staff with compensation; either in the form of monetary benefits (i.e. vouchers, money for home equipment, aid with bills) or non-monetary benefits (i.e. support, equipment), Infor has not compensated us in any form yet. Additionally, in normal circumstances, organizations are obliged to provide comfortable working spaces. When questions were raised by employees about working chairs at home, the only advice given was to pick it up ourselves from the office, an impractical and for some also impossible task.

Is Infor planning on supporting us for these extra costs from the past six months and the likely costs to come?

We trust that Infor will take our concerns seriously and look into this matter promptly. This situation is affecting us in different ways individually. Although we are proud to be part of Infor and believe in the company and its development, the above questions our faith and trust in the organisation as a whole. We look forward to your reply and a resolution to the aforementioned points.

Thank you for attending to the above matter.


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