Industrial Staffing Minneapolis Complaint - North Loop

David Meier
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Industrial Staffing is abusing our neighborhood by treating it as a loitering ground for temp workers. I have personally witnessed drug use, littering, harassment, excessive noise and general disrespect for the community. Are you sick of seeing multitudes of people in green shirts congregate around the building at all different times of the day? Do you skip walking down the street to avoid a harassing stare or derogatory verbal exchange? I am and have. Please sign this petition and I will take it directly to Industrial Staffing and the Minneapolis Police to show your support and start a discussion of boundaries of workers and the responsibilities that are going overlooked.

Thank you for your support, and please send this petition to anyone in any other neighboring buildings that may have been affected!

If you have questions, suggestions or disagree please contact me via the "Contact Petition Sponsor" on the right.


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