Indoor inflatable play centre,sensory room,fun for adults and children

Nick  Warren
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We really need your help as you know we are trying to open an indoor inflatable play centre,massive obstacle courses,castles,sensory room,older children's room with PlayStations/Xboxs and other older boys toys,we will also have party rooms,for adults and children's party's,loads of toddler day time activities,mini cinema playing cartoon classics and learning videos,singalong,mascots ,crafts ,

Adult night time party's

we have so many amazing ideas for this place,our planning application is in the process of being agreed or rejected,so we really need your help with your views and how much our community needs a place like this,and how this will benefit your child, so please help,share it tell your friends and family,any one willing to help

Please spread the word we will

Be sending all

These to the local council we are hoping for loads to help

Fight our corner please help,



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