Indoor Disc Golf Course

Anthony Sotillo
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4 Signatures Goal: 1,000

Dear Fellow Disc Golf Fanatics, As we all know, Austin weather can a bit unpredictable. This petition is created to hopefully gain recognition for building/designing an INDOOR DISC GOLF COURSE for those rainy or cold days. We have all been there when the itch comes around to fling some disc, but the weather decides otherwise. If you're tired of letting mother nature dictate your disc golf addiction then please gather your friends and family to to sign this petition and get the word out. This is only a small step, but I believe with enough signatures we can persuade the city or county to take action. One idea that I have considered is meeting with the Indoor Soccer Complex at Cedar park or any other indoor facility and possibly striking a compromised deal with them(i'm sure a small fee would be involved). Sure you won't have your 400ft drives, but with some ingenuity, I'm positive we can create an equally satisfying course. Again, this is a very small step in a mile, but I strongly believe the city of Austin and all its disc golf fans can bring this dream to life! Once this petition reaches a 1,000 signatures, it will be professionally presented to any possible investor. Your Fellow Disc Golfer, Anthony Sotillo





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