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Reservation in Education

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This petition is regarding reservations in the education system and jobs. This may take some time , but what it aims for in the long run , I am sure the time spent on it is worth it. Lets start from the beginning ... India Constituition states that ALL INDIANS ARE EQUAL . Then it goes ahead and says that someone can get admission into a particular college at a lower percentage or a person can get a job because he comes from an SC or ST community. Issues are :- 1) How does it matter what faith , community or religion does an individual follow. The fact that it recognises and makes exemption on the basis of any religion at any point in time is an exception to the constitution itself. 2) By accepting that a person is from an SC/ST caste , creed or community , the constituition itself is giving recognition to the fact that the people belonging to that particular group are \'lower\' and hence require support for their uplifting... (Please note that I am all for supporting the financially weak who are deserving ...) Note this.. (A scores 95% and B scores 75% in a particular examination. (lets say, Pre - med entrance) They both are attempting to secure the same seat in an medical college. As it turns out , B is an SC/ST and gains admission . ) B goes on to become a doctor ...and later even manages to kill a few people while practicing medicine...But that is all OK ... Simply put we dont want Indians to make better bridges , roads or technology. Do we value our lives at such a low price that we will risk the lives of ourself and of our families and accept this kind of blatant stupidity of the politicians just because they want some VOTES You have the option of making people aware about this. Its high time we started thinking a little about our country by being a little selfish. If you think its worth it, please pass this message along to other people and lets unite against this kind of blatant stupidity.


I am just an indian citizen who really values my life , my country and all the citizens and really despise the kind of mockery that the politicians are making out of our lives by their political games .

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