Indiana protects child molesters

Deanj Finley
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  My name is Earl Dean Finley , I go by Dean . When I was a child , I was sexually molested by  my family Doctor . His name is Dr. Joe Butler , he is now retired and lives in the same town were he ran a private family practice , the small Indiana town of Crothersville In. I kept this horrible secret to my self  for reasons of shame/guilt ect. until I was in my 40s . Now , still in my 40s , I have come to deal with my feelings and thank the lord I am free from any negative emotions that were a result of the this Doctors sick ways . I came in contact with a member of The Crothersville town board members . While engaging in conversation with this board member Dr. Joe Butler came up , to make a very long and sick story short  (Jim is his name) made the coment he was molested by this same Doctor. There was 13 of us  (one has commited sucide since) who was molested by this sick man . We tried to bring charges against Dr.Joe Butler , but the statue of limitations in the state of Indiana stoped us in our tracks. I have gotten hundreds of signitures going from door to door. We must get the statue of limitations droped so this man (sick man) will be held accountable for the wrongs he has done ,please sign this petition . Thank You







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