Incubus - Summer Tour 2009

Brian Ford
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The current venue for Incubus's 2009 Summer Tour in Northern California is taking place at San Francisco's Outside Lands Music and Art Festival. This means the Incubus fans of the Bay Area/Nor-Cal will be required to pay a significantly higher price for a three-day festival (when we just want to see Incubus), shorter show, and overall watered down Incubus experience. Also those of us which pre-ordered Monuments and Melodies were essentially given a presale code for an event that already had a presale whether or not you purchased the Greatest hits CD. This petition was formed to push for the addition of another Bay Area/Nor Cal Venue to Incubus's 2009 Summer Tour that does not take place at a festival, and is equally priced to the majority of the other shows on the tour.