Increase Drug Fines and Suspensions for Greyhound Racing Trainers

Liz Carlson
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Last year in Australia alone there were more than 70 cases of racing greyhounds testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, from steroids and hormones to cocaine. These drugs are all designed to make the dogs faster and stronger, with no concern for side-effects or the animal's welfare. It encourages an unsafe environment for greyhounds in an already unethical sport.

Lab analysts for Greyhound Racing NSW have openly admitted to falsifying negative swab results in exchange for bribes, so there may be even more cases that go unreported.

Of these dogs who tested positive, their trainers were suspended from professional racing with terms as little as ten days and minimal fines. The suspensions are also flexible to appeals. This petition encourage Brent Hogan, CEO of Greyhound Racing NSW, to employ a stricter and more serious policy, in order to discourage further unmonitored abuse of these dogs.




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