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my son is fighting a very rare cancer " synovial sarcoma " the last 20 months has been hell for him ! he is only 37 , there are only 800 cases a year ! this demon likes to sneak up on its prey with out warning and cause pain , and misery ! it is so aggressive that it will attack any thing and every thing in the body ! the tumors are slow growing and you may not be aware of it for years until the tumor grows to the size of 20X20 in centimeters like it did my son ! and he thought he had pulled a muscle ! symptoms can be pain or very vague ! i feel as a mother that my son's rare cancer should have a voice and be heard through out the world ! he is on his last treatment of chemo and if this does not shrink his tumors then i will be speciality care ! im not willing to hand my precious son over to this beast ! i will fight for tim and try everything with in my power to help save my son ! please sign this petition so we can all make difference with our actions and put this disease out of its misery for good ! knowledge is power and i know there are a lot of people who care ! my son deserves a second chance at life and i know there are sarcoma specialists out there trying to win the war on this cancer and all the other ones out there ! my mission in life is too spread the word " synovial sarcoma " !