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Improvements to our condo

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Dear Board Members,


The residents and owners of 318 Kings East have several concerns regarding the management and security of the building. The residents, owners and tenants of 318 King East feel that current management (icon) is inadequately preforming their duties as the property management company and replacement should be considered. Icon property management has failed to:

·      Address problems/issues in the building in a time effective manner

·      Respond /address adequately to emails and calls from residents/owners

·      Communicate with residents the proceedings of the buildings business

·      Pursue the builder to address deficiencies and incomplete items in a time effective manner

·      Display adequate experience in management of large building

·      Obtain contract and execute them effectively

·      Effectively implement parking enforcement in visitor spaces

Specific examples and evidences of these inadequacies will be documented at the end of this letter.


The property management is under the direction of you the board, as a result the residents of 318 King East would like clarification from the board to explain if the aforementioned inadequacies of the property management are a result of lack of direction and responsibility of the board or the lack of the ability of PM to properly govern this building.


Based on previous break in attempts to locker rooms and thefts of personal items from common spaces the Residents of 318 King St East consider this a serious security issue and request the board consider installing security cameras in common spaces (parking garages at a minimum). These are not the only concerns in this condominium voiced by residents on the facebook forum, however they are very prominent.


The residents of 318 King East who have signed this letter expect:

1.     A response from the board in a timely manner to address these concerns

2.     AN opportunity to address other concerns.


Failure on behalf of the board to address this letter will result in the concerned residents of this building to call a special meeting to address these and other issues.



The concerned residents of 318 King East


Additional information:

This building was managed by Icon Property Management during the Interim Occupancy Period and was selected by Lamb Development Corp. The Primary concern during this period was probably budget and not spending an exorbitant amount on any services. This service is still the one we currently have. This being said it strikes the residents at our Condo a little odd that we are still using the same property management company that we used during this "reduced budget" period. With no increase in observable services whatsoever. More importantly the gentleman who runs the management office on site is hardly ever at his post. When he is he seems to always be saying he is stuck between Brad Lamb Dev Corp. and the inefficiencies of our board or 5nine developments. It came to our attention that our garage was being broken into this past weekend to the point that a locksmith needed to be called on Sept 17 to replace to locker door handles and locks because someone was attempting access to both and broke them to the point that keys would no longer access them. When Icon was approached they simply said "we will look into it when Irvin gets back" This was unacceptable and a certain resident pressed security to call Irvin and ensure that he called a locksmith immediately as well as call the police to issue a report, which Icon Property Management instructed our security guard not to do. A lack of security cameras is also a very big concern as the break-ins will continue and cars may be targeted. The locksmith that serviced the locks confirmed that two attempted break in did in fact occur.


Un resolved issues/issues dealt with ineffectively:


·      The garage door which was hit is still not fixed properly

·      The garage door when broken remained non-functional/not functioning properly for over a week producing a security risk

·      Security doors on several P-levels did not close properly/ where left open also posing a security rick

·      Stair wells doors being propped open during the day (again security issue)


Minor Items which have been left “unfinished” by the builder have not been pursued (these are NOT deficiencies just plain unfinished)

·      there are exit signs which are hanging using painters tape

·      there was the longest delay in receiving our elevator protection pads to the point to which our elevators were scratched pretty badly.

·      There are so many damaged tiles that go in a state of disrepair

·      elevator buttons that are broken, and elevator button selection pads on P3 which you can actually move with your fingers.

·      A garage that badly needs to be re-painted in several areas as well as a badly needed proper garage wash.

·      Light fixture in hallways that are unfinished.

·      We all paid into a car share service and had to pay for it's service yet we have no car share service or any mention as to when this will be happening

·      We currently pay mortgages on two guests suites that I don't even know are available to rent and when they came online


Inability to execute successful contracts:

·      The cleaning staff is mediocre and they don't seem to be properly equipped to clean a residential complex of our size, one look at their storage supply area and you will immediately understand.


Inability to communicates with residents:


Calling the management office for help seems like a chore, and any help seems very slow and response times and professionalism are not only lacking but also unfortunately downright missing. It seems odd that at .52 cents a square foot we aren't able to afford better. We currently do not have a Gym, a Pool or any other noticeable recreational areas that are costing us any significant monies...


An all around lack of communication from the board and a total failure to address the concerns of owners and investors should be immediately rectified.




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