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Improve The RHAM Football Program

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By adding my name to this Petition, the undersigned represents that s/he is an eligible voter in the Regional School District No. 8 (“Region 8”).

I am aware that a public campaign has been initiated to increase athletic funding at RHAM specific to the football program as well as adding a strength and conditioning coach to provide fitness safety, support and opportunity for all RHAM students and student-athletes. The Football Program funding is necessary, not only to properly support the children that participate in football but, to close some significant gaps in the Football Program relative to the other schools in our league and community. Outlined, below, are the specific funding requests:

  • Head Coach: Increasing the yearly compensation for the head coach from $4,500 to $8,000 (which would bring the Football Program to a level commensurate with other schools/regions in the league).
    • Rationale: The additional funding for the coach allows us to attract the proper candidate who will be able to improve the football experience for the players and the credibility of RHAM athletics in our league.
  • Additional Assistant coaches: Increasing the number of paid assistant coaches from three to seven, at a cost of $3,200/coach, for a total expenditure of $12,800.
    • Rationale: In addition to providing a program that is commensurate with the other league programs, the additional coaches would allow the players to receive needed support in areas such as more advanced skills, improved practice regimens, more individualized guidance and more consistent advice.
  • Increasing the general resources: Increasing the general resources expense (e.g. player equipment, practice gear, safety equipment, etc.) from $4,000 to $10,000.
    • Rationale: This is important to not only ensure that the student-athletes are safely and properly outfitted, but it also allows for a more effective long-term budgeting approach for equipment maintenance, repair and replacement. As an example, given the increased awareness concerning head injuries, helmet technology and maintenance have become even more critical. Per league and national association standards, helmets need to be reconditioned every two years and replaced every ten years. In order to best serve our youth, we should budget a little every year to keep our head protection in optimum condition.
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach: Add funding of $20,000 for a paid strength and conditioning coach (which will be available to all of the school’s athletic teams/programs and therefore benefit all student athletes).
    • Rationale: Today we budget for a weight room attendant only, as compared to many schools in our region and league that fund for a strength and conditioning coach. The addition of this coach is critical in order to provide a “four season” structured approach for all students at RHAM. So, whether a student participates in a RHAM sport or simply wants support for the achievement of their personal health goals, they would now all have an on-site resource to provide the needed structure, safety and long-term guidance associated with proper weight training, conditioning and general health.

Although this petitioned funding request does not fully address all of the outstanding needs associated with our athletic programs at RHAM, it would allow for the Football Program to meet what is clearly a “minimum standard” of safety and support while also providing for a critical resource for all RHAM students and student-athletes.

I understand that these additional funding requests would represent an approximate increase to the current budget of .002 percent. By signing this petition, I acknowledge that I would support a RHAM budget that includes this requested funding.

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