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Implementing a Fair Jail System

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We, the people of Endless Online, feel that the justice system is unfair. There should be a set punishment in place. For example: First offense; a warning. Second offense; jailed for life.

We have seen first-hand botters being jailed and unjailed the next day. This enables the selective individuals to proceed to bot and get away with it by ensuring that they will be released immediately. Meanwhile, others that have learned their lessons the first time are stuck in jail forever.

It would be more appreciative if the admins were all on board with their rules and regulations instead of individually creating their own in the moment. The rules are stated on the Main Clone :: EOSERV Control Panel :: Server Rules, yet we see a few admins failing to abide by the rules in place. We believe it would be better for the community if an actual jail sentencing was in place instead of ''doing life'' for a lesson they can easily learn.

It has come to our attention that addressing the problems to the admins directly results in dismissive behavior and a condescending attitude . It is known that the admins do not engage much with the server nor do they partner with one another on what has been implemented. The community has suggested multiple recommendations and concerns with improving the functionality of the server. This particular server is the closest the players have to our experiences with Endless Online from the past. For many, they enjoy the game for nostalgic purposes, and for others it is how they choose to spend most of their free time.

Those that have signed this petition just want a justice system intact that is fair and will only improve for a better future. Once these rules are executed, we feel it should be fair to release those imprisoned and start anew.

We will feel indebted for our voice to be heard and taken seriously.

(For those signing; please refrain from signing with your alts. Only one signature per person)

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