Implementation of the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund

Killian Jones
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The Youth Entrepreneurship Fund (YEF) would be established and implemented on a one year pilot basis. We welcome the recent establishment of a specific fund of €250,000 for female entrepreneurs and believe that a fund of similar size should be considered for implementation on a one year trial basis pending further review with a view to it increasing in size over time.

No idea, no matter how small could make a difference. Even the announcement of such an initiative may encourage confidence and engender hope among the Irish public that everything that is being done to resolve the unemployment crisis is being done.

There are so many talented individuals out there in Ireland, passionate and energetic who could generate employment and make a contribution to economic growth if provided the right supports. Again, even if the idea or concept of such a fund was considered, no matter how small, it could really make a world of difference to many enthusiastic young people.




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