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Implementation of servers in Oceania

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The Australian Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends communities have, over the last year, significantly increased their player bases. We believe it is time for the Oceanic Region to reach the next level of competition, a tournament circuit and public servers to be hosted by for Counter Strike and League of Legends. Currently, national competitive Counter Strike tournaments are only held internally between communities and their members as per the wants and needs of those communities rather than the whole of Oceania. On an international scale, only one Australian team was involved in the international competitive last year and this team was Vox Eminor who were placed top 3 in the 2013 MSI Beat It competition. As of 2014 Australia has 450 registered servers in the Oceanic region for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive community. This is a dramatic increase considering that only in December of 2013, Australia had 320 registered servers. This has led to our communities seeing an increase of 130 servers in six months! Although this doesn't compare to America's current 924 registered servers, it does show that there is a viable market in the Oceanic Region. In terms of player base, there is a total of 106,300 registered Counter Strike: Global Offensive players. In comparison to North America's 41,210 and Europe's 51,800 - Australia is currently sitting at 13,290. It was recorded as per last December that the Oceanic Region had a small player base, consisting only of 8590 registered. This has meant that the community has seen a growth of 4700 players in six months. As I am aware, FACEIT also currently hosts League of Legends and Starcraft servers. From a professional view of Australia’s current player base, I don't believe Starcraft has enough registered players for there to be a thriving market within Australia, therefore I would doubt its viability as a business venture. However; League of Legends has shown promise within Oceania for FACEIT, with a current player base of 300,000 players which, when compared to other countries starting rates, is a booming growth rate. If compared to North America's current base of 1.1 million players, we can see that although Oceania does not have the base currently, it is destined to grow at a rate that could see FACEIT doing well from following this venture. Given that the total base within the world of 32 million players, the growth within Oceania looks promising for future possibilities with FACEIT. By involving yourselves with the Oceanic Region, We believe that FACEIT will see an increase in their player base, which would make it quite viable to see Australian servers opened up for the current base of players. For these reasons we believe that Australia is ready for a new level of competition in Australian Counter Strike: Global Offense and League of Legends, and we would like to see FACEIT leading the way in the future of gaming in Oceania.

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