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Impeach Obama for Treason and War Crimes against Americans

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PETITION TO IMPEACH OBAMA FOR TREASON, WAR CRIMES AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS AND PERPETRATING A GRAND JIHAD AGAINST AMERICA www.ObamasGrandJihad.com We the undersigned implore congress to Impeach and Prosecute Barrack Hussein Obama and any of his administration found guilty of the same crimes, for crimes against America of Treason and War Crimes against American citizens. Obama has taken down pro-American governments all over the world and installed the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood and its bloody Sharia Law. Under Muslim Brotherhood’s bloody Sharia Law, it is legal to run down Americans in the streets with Government Tanks for being American. We saw this in Egypt under bloody Sharia Law. This is a war crime against American Citizens funded by, and directed by, Obama. Obama removed American troops from Iraq while refusing to meet directly with the democratic Iraqi leaders to ask if they wanted Americans to stay. The Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia and Iran all have tens of thousands of troops on the ground, in Iraq, ready to install Obama’s Bloody Sharia Law and make it legal to kill Americans in the street. This is a war crime against American Citizens funded by and directed by Obama. Obama met with Syria’s bloody Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization to bring down and replace the Syrian dictator but Obama refused to meet with the Syrian Democratic Contingent that is trying to do the same thing. Obama has funded anti-American terrorist organizations around the world while demanding that our long term ally, Israel, be divided up and their territories given to known terrorist organizations. Obama then publicly insulted and degraded the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the French President, Muslim Brotherhood, Nicolas Sarkozy. Obama gave American made Predator Drones to the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist regime in Turkey that is doing joint military exercises with Iran. Obama sold guns to the Mexican Drug dealers, who work for Iran, to kill American Border Guards. Obama refused to do his sworn duty, and enforce, normal US Immigration Laws within the United States while suing with billions of US taxpayer dollars any state that tries to implement and enforce the same laws that Obama refused to enforce. Obama funds and directs funds through the UN to known anti-American terrorist organizations. Obama made a guarantee that he will allow the anti-American terrorist organization the Palestine and Hamas to get statehood as soon as Obama is re-elected in 2012. Obama, and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, have conspired to bankrupt America and use American funds to arm anti-American countries. A decade old FBI investigation found the Muslim Brotherhood’s written plans to bring down America from within which they called their Grand Jihad or Civilization Jihad. Obama has installed Muslim Brotherhood known terrorists and anti-American activists into the Administration and given them immediate access to America’s highly classified information. The lists or treason and war crimes against the American Citizens are too numerous to list here. We the undersigned call congress to hold Obama and any of his administration responsible for their unlawful acts and crimes against Americans.

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