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My object and goal is to overall see the thorough impeachment, arrest, indictment, trial, conviction, deportation, and yes... execution of President Barack Hussein Obama. This is a matter of national security NOT race, with an illegal fraud not born in America, but Kenya Africa. He is a traitor foreign under Constitutional Federal law. He needs to be removed from office immediately and immanently in handcuffs, as a danger to national security. He needs to be brought up on the following characteristic conditions of liable criminal charges as signified. Charges as entailed: 1. 4 counts of murder in the 1st degree against Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dhority, and Tyrone Woods killed the September 11th, 2012 Benghazi attacks. 2. 1 count of misconduct of repugnantly mismanaging the NSA cyber command of domestic spying on innocent Americans, law-bidding civil servants which is violation of Constitutional statue, and world leaders overseas without their appropriate consent. 3. 1 count of IRS harassment against tea party Americans, Conservatives, and law-biding citizens, 4. 1 count of misappropriations of misuse of the oval office for personal leisure and taking special interest of criminal activity, 5. 1 count of lobbying from Solyndra 535 billion dollars in green energy scams, 6. Distribution of illegal contraband and weapons goods to illegal criminal, gangs, murders, thieves, and cartel terrorists in Mexico, under the assigned mandated orders of Attorney General Eric Holder. 7. The Obama Care health legislation an a piece of invalid enacted regulations, that has the potential to cause more harm to the American people, and affect the lives our national security. 8. Consistent perjury, and misstated facts of the President's agenda clarified with the American People. This man has committed fraud, and is an ineligible candidate that should have never been elected President of the U.S., do to insignificant evidence of birth records and proof of citizenship. Place support my petition, and resonate the world to impeach this criminal President or despot "DICTATOR, Barack Hussein Obama. Thank you, Cory Morr. Please share this drastic concern for saving our country, and guarding your lives, by passing it to other people. I need a lot of signatures, get this horrible and nefarious "MONSTER" out of our White House. God bless.

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