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Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

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WHEREAS ~ The President has broken his Oath to office, “To Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.”

WHEREAS ~ He has, on many occasions, Usurped, Subverted and abused the Constitution, the “Bill of Rights”, The Peoples Rights, States Rights and Sovereignty.

WHEREAS ~ He has subverted the Constitution, in violation of limits of the President, in his use of Executive Orders, as Laws, Usurping the Congress in Session.

WHEREAS ~ He has assessed taxes on the People without their knowledge or consent or that of Congress in an unconstitutional Health care Bill.

WHEREAS ~ He has usurped Congress in the laying of Laws and Taxes thru his Administration, the EPA, subverting Constitutional powers to enact, while simultaneously investing in the transfer of Carbon, thru a International company, for his own profit, Corruption and Fraud.

WHEREAS ~ He has allowed Senior Officials, Government and past Officials to continue in the tampering of bank records, theft of the People’s money, fraud, bribery and conspiracy.

WHEREAS ~ He has been cavorting with known criminals and financial terrorist, planned the financial downfall of our monetary system, business and debt of the people of these United States.

WHEREAS ~ He has planned the insurrection of the People of the United States via the DHS and FEMA, in the build up of Dept. of Homeland Security over three years in the amount of 1 Trillion dollars. DHS has bought more ammo for homeland use, than we have used in the last three Wars.

WHEREAS ~ He has committed theft, corruption and fraud, in the transmission of 30 Billion in funds from the Treasury through the Federal Reserve to Europe, through Guatemala to his personal account in Chicago Wells Fargo in Iraqi “Dinars”.

WHEREAS ~ Other acts of fraud and corruption, has withheld his signature from the G8’s and G20’s GSF fund, in returning moneys to legal owners, until the countries in question deposit a certain specified amount of money’s to his account.

WHEREAS ~ He has committed Sedition, becoming a member of the Chicago Communist Party, advocating the overthrow or reformation of the existing government and overthrow of the Constitution.
He has agreed to the United Nations “Agenda 21”, in the elimination of 80% of the population and total elimination of personal or privet property.

WHEREAS ~ He has committed Treason, in Plotting the insurrection and rebellion against the Constitution and United States of America. His Executive Order # 13603, with the total takeover of our society and personal property under Peacetime conditions and detain persons indefinitely without reason, without warrant, without trial, any and all US citizens without due process and nullifies the Bill of Rights. With the installation of FEMA camps to detain millions of Citizens under the auspices of DOD 55-2, Operation Garden Plot, every American is a “Terrorist” under the direction of the DHS (National Army).


"An Argument for Impeachment" For the President of the United States; “Barack Hussein Obama” To Congress March, 2012 Articles of Impeachment and removal from office due to conviction of; - Breaking the Oath of office.... "....to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America." - Misdemeanors - Bribery - High Crimes - Treason / Sedition and Seditious behavior ___________________________________________________ • Arguments for Impeachment....... • Breaking his Oath to office to "protect, preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution". He has abused, usurped and subverted our Constitution for light and transient causes. Usurping the "Articles of Confederation", to States rights and replacing with Administrative Authority (Presidential Directive) and encroachment of the Peoples Rights, in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. For destroying the strength and integrity of the U.S. treasury by increasing debt and expenditures to surpass the revenue of the United States. • Subjecting the People to Executive Orders (laws), inestimable to the Presidency, in violation of limits placed upon the Office of the President by the U.S. Constitution; • Assessing taxes without the knowledge or consent of the People. He has repeatedly lied. • Corruption; The laying of taxes and laws, thru his Administration, on our carbon based energy, usurping the power of our Congress in session and subverting our Constitution of the United States of America, while simultaneously investing in the transfer of carbon, via CCX/ICE for his own profit and that of his Chief White House Advisor, Valerie Jarret. Each has over a Million dollars invested and ICE would make approx. 44 Trillion dollars in the next 10 yrs. if fully enacted worldwide. That's why he says, “Electricity and energy would necessarily rise drastically". - In offering dinner and other amenities at the White House with the President and the Vice President for contributing to his reelection fund. High Crimes; -corruption Letter of July, 2010 “You have also been advised previously by my letters of the corruption dealing with Mr. Falcone Settlement monies and others. Enclosed is a letter describing future corruption by senior officials tampering with bank records, theft, fraud, bribery and conspiracy. This attached corruption report by Mr. Falcone is currently being shared a with certain Congressional members. And these members are seeking to have a Congressional panel set up to investigate corruption by government officials that you have allowed to take place in your administration. Mr. President, as you are aware, if you are allowing these types of corruption in your administration and if you’re not taking action; these are grounds for impeachment. I pray for you to make the right decision. Sincerely, Walter E. Fauntroy Member of Congress 1971-1991” • Cavorting and Plotting the downfall of the United States with known Criminals and financial terrorist, George Soros; Howard Stern of Apollo Group; Van Jones of STORM and Green for All; Steven Learner of SEIU and founder Wade Rathke, Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO-UAW, to bring down our financial system, business, economy and the People of these United States of America. This is the Ultimate crime against the People and should not be let go and therefore demands the highest degree of Judicial Justice. Sedition; Knowingly becoming a member of any organization which advocates the overthrow or reformation of the existing government of this state by violence or unlawful means…… United Nations- (Agenda 21) - Executive Order of March 16, 2012…… total overthrow of the US Government, revoking of the US Constitution of the United States of America and the total disregard of the Bill of Rights. Treason; Plotting the insurrection and rebellion against the Constitution and United States of America: “Constitution”, Amendment 14 – Sec. 3. - Amendment of the Defense Production Act of 1950, and total takeover of our society in Peacetime conditions. - NDAA 2012 Law. DOD National Defense Authorization Act. Detain persons indefinitely without reason, without warrant, without trial, any and all US citizens without due process. Nullifies the Bill of Rights and places citizens under Military Rule, truly a treasonous and Seditious act.


"The National Councils of People "" and the People of Freedom Watch.




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