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Impeach Steven Moffat

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I propose the impeachment of Steven Moffat for the following crimes:

1. Repeated violations of basic rules of continuity and story-telling. See, e.g., Season 6; the whole "Doctor's Name" thing; and that phone call from Matt Smith.

2. Wiping-out the very good continuity created by Russel M. Davies by having Matt Smith pointlessly "reboot the universe."

3. Unnecessarily, and senselessly, violating fundamental concepts of Doctor-hood without any justifiable benefit. (E.g., there was no reason to decide, for the first time in Time of the Doctor, that contrary to everything said before the Doctor was out of regenerations.)

4. Sub-textually redefining the Doctor's character in crucial ways that seem subtle at first but turn to make no sense. (E.g., the Doctor goes from anonymous random traveler, renegade from his own people, to the most famous and powerful man in the universe? When exactly did that happen?)

5. Reusing ideas in a desperate attempt to continue to seem new and clever (e.g., "don't blink" = "don't breathe").

Note that impeachment of Mr. Moffat is *not* a judgment on Matt Smith, any of the 11th Doctor's companions, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, or the continuation of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in their current roles.

Nor would impeachment of Mr. Moffat forbid him from working on the show in a less-senior capacity such as writer. It would simply remove him as showrunner. And require him to publicly apologize to the audience and all living actors who have played the doctor.

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