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Petition to Congress for Redress of Grievances We, the People of the States United, hereby petition U.S. Congress assembled, pursuant to the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, for redress of the following grievances: Whereas, the United States of America is currently suffering the evil effects of a fraudulently imposed, consistent, strong and progressive federal government which is in violation of "limited" powers by an improperly vetted U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama,aka Barry Soetoro, aka Bari Shabazz, and an irreversible bias government and court mainly made up of lawyers and judges denying equal protection of all U.S Citizens as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, i.e., the Patriot Act, the NDAA Law, Rapiscan, and "hit" lists of American citizens. Whereas, the Congress of the United States and legislatures of the several states are either unable or unwilling to forthrightly address these concerns within the limits of the United States Constitution and the Constitutions of the several states, and Whereas, We the People of the United States have the duty to our Creator to Reform, Change, or Resist the acts of the federal government including the Department of Justice, who is involved in a criminal investigation known as Fast and Furious; and the White House is involved in a scandal known as Solyndra.  We The People are concerned of President Obama's circumventing of the U.S. Constitution and Congress, as well as consistently and repeatedly ignoring the orders of federal judges and failing to cooperate with law enforcement, i.e., Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Whereas, We The People require the knowledge needed to effectively deal with the problems at hand and to Change or Reform our Federal government, our Department of Justice, accordingly, in order to avoid chaos, and anarchy, and NOW THEREFORE: Be it resolved that the Demands of We The People are as follows: 1. We The People demand an investigation into the assassination of an unarmed leader of a nation, Gaddafi, who did not threaten or attack America. The ordered attack on Libya and Gaddafi was ordered without congressional or constitutional authority. Gaddafi was living on his foreign soil in Libya at the time. How is the attack on Libya and the Libyan people any different than Osama attacking America on 911 even though America didn't attack Osama or the Middle East? 2. We The People demand an investigation into the assassination of an unarmed American citizen, Al Awalki, who wasn't charged with any crime by our government and was suppose to be protected under the 4th Amendment even if a president thought he was a bad guy. There's lots of "bad" people in the world, so under which constitutional authority is a president allowed to grant himself the authority to determine which people he believes are "bad" and which people don't deserve to be captured, charged or tried? If the law had been followed, al Awalki would have been arrested and charged with a crime according to the constitution, but he was assassinated based on accusation only and without  congressional or constitutional authority. 3. We The People demand an investigation into the assassination of unarmed Osama bin Laden based on Obama stating on television that he ordered the assassination, but We The People want to know why he didn't order the capture of Osama, since he was holding a remote, not a weapon even if he was a bad man?  So, if we are to assassinate all the people we believe are "bad" people then we wouldn't have a need for the judicial system. Under which constitutional authority did the president apply that provided him the authority to dispose of a body of a foreign leader versus binging the body to the authorities for positive identification? If a police officer shot someone even if he was a really bad guy and disposed of the body, the police officer would be arrested. 4. Why did the president and Biden have a televised ceremony for the Navy Seals?  Shortly thereafter, the news reported that the same Navy Seals were ordered on the same mission on the same helicpter and all murdered over Afghanistan. 5. We The People demand an investigation into Obama's admitted orders to fire off 220 Tomahawk missiles at Libya without congressional or constitutional authority. We want to know which constitutional authority president Obama apploed when he ordered the assassination of Gaddafi, who didn't threaten America or attack America. After Obama's orders to attack Libya, America ended up killing freedom fighters, Gaddafi's grandkids, son, and friends.The cost of the Tomahawks was about $600,000 each at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers plus the lawsuit filed by Libyans against America. And,what happened to Gaddafi's gold? 6. We The People demand an investigation into the abuse of using excessive Executive Orders to rule the nation without congressional and constitutional authority. Obama has stated on several occasions that his intent is to rule without congress or the U.S. Constitution, but he swore to uphold the constitution. The American people believed him when he swore to uphold, defend, protect, and preserve the U.S. Constitution as well as Congress, but instead, Obama shredded and denied the 4th Amendment of the Constitution and he is denying due process of law to the American people when he implemented the NDAA law which provides him the authority to indefinitely detain Americans anywhere in the world based upon accusation.  In my opinion, ObamaCare replaces all freedom and liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and includes mandated abortions and death panels which promotes depopulation. Obama stated in 2001, 2008, and recently that the U.S. Constitution and Congress are "meaningless" and that he wants to rule the nation without them.If the U.S. Constitution and congress are  meaningless than congress and the judiciary may be out of work because that means president Obama would be eliminating two branches of government declaring himself the lawmaker, judge, jury and executioner. 1. The elimination of the unconstitutional Patriot Act which suspends the 4th Amendment; the unconstitutional NDAA law which denies the 4th Amendment; and Rapiscan, which humiliates and radiates and naked x-rays and gropes Americans is unncessary and for-profit need to be defunded and annulled.  Americans did not elect president Obama or the 111th and 112th Congress to deny them their right to exercise their freedom and liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and in particular, the 4th Amendment, due process of law, or the Bill of Rights. Americans didn't elect public servants to shred, avoid, re-write, ignore, circumvent, replace or by-pass constitutional law in exchange for their jobs, benefits, and retirement.  The promises and sworn oaths of politicians are a Contract with the American people and they should be held accountable if breached. 2. We The People Demand proper vetting of Barack Obama; Barack Hussein Obama, Barak Obama, Bari Shabazz, aka Barry Soetoro, as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution and defined in the Law of Nations. Americans deserve positive identification of their politicians. 3. We The People demand the replacement of the statute on Immunity for judges, lawyers, congressional members, all public servants, Interpol, law enforcement, on federal, state, county, or city personnel, so that every person on U.S. soil is held to the same standards for their crimes, misconduct, unethical acts, and not provided immunity from lawsuits should they be found guilty by a jury of their peers in a court of law. 4. Whereas the federal government, executive office and congress are operating as a dual standard of justice for Americans. The rich and powerful and wealthy can in theory and reality purchase the new "cadillac" brand of justice they desire by writing loopholes into the laws and exempting themselves from the law they mandate for everyone else and the poor and middle class are forced to settle for the older "used car" brand of justice or no justice and no car leading to bankruptcy, homelessness, unemployment, prison or other undue hardships based upon accsations only, i.e., NDAA law. 5. We The People demand accountability into Fast and Furious as Deputy D.A. Ogden stated that the White House launched Fast and Furious and diverted $10,000,000 from the Recovery Fund to Fast and Furious without congressional authority and wasn't held accountable for diverting those funds promised for jobs. 6. We The People demand a thorough investigation into Fast and Furious and that those in charge are held accountable for the executions of thousands of innocent people and two U.S. agents as well as the sale of untracked guns sold to untracked criminals, knowing more guns are still in the hands of the criminals.  7. We The People demand an investigation into the statements made by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta who stated that he and Obama would seek International Permission to deplore U.S. troops around the world and may or may not inform congress and the American people, i.e., the U.N., E.U., and NATO, which risks the lives of the military and Americans. 8. We The People demand an investigation into the $20.3M that Senator Obama authorized to Odinga without congressional authority and his campaigning for Odinga in Kenya. 9. We The People demand that the U.S. Congress Repeal and Void the NDAA Law which denies and shreds the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, due process of law, which is the only law that protects the American people from a tyrannical government, otherwise this congress is subjecting Americans to tyrannical laws based on accusation of indefinite detention without charges filed, no lawyer, no jury, no appeals, based on Obama's accusation only. How is it constitutional for the U.S. Congress and president Obama to deny the 4th Amendment to Americans and how is that not a human rights violation?  10. We The People demand an investigation into which constitutional law, the president, and 111th congress are applying to exempt themselves from ObamaCare - a federal law of the land which they failed to read, but approved, since all citizens must follow the laws of the land? 11. We The People demand an investigation into the Conflicts of Interest between Harvard/Obama/Kagan being appointed Solicitor General and working on ObamaCare then being appointed as a U.S. Justice prior to ObamaCare and refusing to recuse herself according to the Code of Ethics.  12. We The People demand an investigation into Obama and his bundler, George Kaiser, who admitted he had already received a grant of $40,000,000 of stimulus money and went back for more from Obama in the amount of $535,000,000 for Solyndra, then he and his executives took hefty wages and bonuses and bankrupted Solyndra and the employees lost their jobs, but the news reported that the Obama administration ordered the American taxpayers must pick up about $14,000,000 to subsidize the Solyndra workers who lost their jobs. 13. We The People demand that Congress repeal the "hit" lists by the Obama administration against the American people as how is that any different than a conspiracy to murder against an American?  


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