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Impeach Obama

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The immediate Impeachment of President B. H. Obama, and Vice President J. Biden To all Americans who love the ideals that America used to stand for, whether elected officials or private citizens I demand the immediate Impeachment of the President and Vice President of the United States of America for reasons as follows: 1. Mr. Obama is not eligible to be the President as per our Laws and Constitution. 2. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden have not followed their solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. 3. The aforementioned men fail to provide the truth regarding the attack of our Embassy and the needless death of Americans who cried out for help for weeks prior to the attack and their deaths. 4. These and other officials have failed to use their office to protect the American population and have frequently bypassed the other two important branches of our Government, thus denying due process of law. 5. The Constitution states that NO law shall be applied to the public without being equally applicable to the government. 6. Government officials are not above the law, but should be models of it; being held more stringently to the law as they are what the world sees when they think of America. 7. The current administration is doing everything in their power (and even things that should not be in their power) to curtail our Rights as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 8. The current administration is trying to weaken our military strength, our currency, and take away our ability to defend ourselves, thus severely weakening our nation. 9. This administration has not only violated their oath to defend and protect, but have used our dwindling financial resources on costly flights and vacations with no respect to the recession we are currently suffering. 10. This administration is offering amnesty to people who break the law by entering the country illegally, but have offered no recompense to the hundreds of thousands who have had to pay high fees to be in this country legally. 11. This administration shows no respect to the values that make America great, the people who died to help us to secure and maintain these liberties or the populace whose lives they are trying to usurp. 12. This administration has allowed part of our sovereign land to be unsafe for Americans in Arizona and has failed to follow laws passed to complete a fence that would aid in the defense of our borders. I am certain that Americans in public office who consider their oath to office with integrity can find more offenses that can be added to this list. I ask that the following occur concurrently with the impeachment process: 1. All Executive Orders and Laws made while this Administration was in Tyrannical power be rescinded or reversed until such time that they can be reviewed by a President and Administration of Competency dedicated to being a servant to the American people. 2. Any government official with a public record of violating the law be immediately removed from office. 3. Officials that abuse their power or use their power to harm American Sovereignty in any way be subject to Treason and punished accordingly as America is at war with Terrorism. This punishment shall be at a minimum life in prison with the death penalty to be an option as they have abused their power and need to be subject to the responsibility of their actions while holding the highest offices in the United States. 4. Legislation be enacted that facilitates the public being able to initiate and call for the impeachment process to begin. Legislation should also be enacted that enables any qualified man or woman to run for President regardless of their financial or socioeconomic status. Since this country has a majority of the population that lives in what is considered to be the middle and/or lower class with regards to income, only individuals with money can run for elected office. People who have had money all of their lives cannot adequately represent the majority of Americans who live payday to payday. 5. I strongly recommend that having served in the United States Armed Forces and/or having placed their lives in jeopardy make them better candidates to lead for the following reasons: a. Having been led, they have a better knowledge of how to lead. b. Having served, they are able to show greater respect for those who have served, are serving, or will serve to support and defend our great nation. c. Service is their purpose in office. Having served their country in a subordinate capacity will ensure they understand the gravity of serving their country in a higher capacity. d. Understand that having a person who has served does not mean that we are under the control of the military. We are under the leadership of someone who understands and appreciates the military and has served alongside of them. 6. I strongly recommend the election of someone who knows they have to answer to a higher power. My belief is that this higher power is God. This does not violate separation of Church and State; it just allows a person to have another source for learning and practicing wisdom and integrity. Wisdom and Integrity have been sorely lacking in our elected officials. 7. Immigrants have made America a great nation. These immigrants came to America to incorporate themselves into our style of life, so that they could offer a better life to themselves and their families. I believe that in order to be one nation united a common set of goals and a common language is required. 8. Our Founding Fathers originally came to this country for religious freedom. I believe that it is not a violation of Church and State to teach the principles they believed in as part of the curriculum in our schools. We are allowed to teach Darwinism, which is totally unproven. Our History, however, is a record of fact. 9. The Pledge of Allegiance Unites Us. The United States, and anyone who wants to live here, should be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance with a pure heart. If saying the Pledge of Allegiance goes against their conscious, then maybe they should not be living here. 10. Our Flag is a symbol of Freedom. Terrorists, and others who hate our way of life and what we are supposed to stand for, burn our Flag. Burning our Flag is not freedom of expression, but an open act of Terrorism and should be treated as such. Please feel free to pass this on, recommend edits, and/or send it to your elected officials. I am an American Veteran, 100% disabled but willing to serve our country again. I love America and what she used to stand for. Our country can be great again, but it is only with fervent prayer of and the work of people dedicated to the pursuit of liberty with responsibility that we can achieve this worthy goal. Please help me and join the fight. Sign this petition and forward it on to all who love America

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