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Impeach lawless Obama

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To The House Judiciary Committee,

Please consider the Impeachment process for Barak Hussein Obama. His Over reaching and lawlessness, refusing to follow The Supreme Law of The Land, Discrimination based on race, religion and ethnicity has gone to far and does not advance the interest of our country or its lawful citizens, in purely a Political interest to secure votes for the Democrat party, he has organized the Pot smokers community, muslim community, h0m0sexual and gay community, minority community, women's right to abortion community now the illegal community by not properly securing our boarders. The Federal Government has failed and Continues to fail the States of our security by allowing islam in this country they have put us all at risk! islam is so intertwinedwith Sharia law that itis not a religion, it is a form of governmentunder Sharia law it teaches brutality and hate speech to non-believersand it has no separation of church and state! It is unlawful by the Constitution for it to even exist here! As islam grows and becomes the dominant religion, its followers will fill our government and shred the Constitution, What anti Christian group will he promote to ring votes out of and suppressnext?

1. Excluding certain individuals (members of Congress)from being subject to law ( Obama Care).

2. Illegal “recess” appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board when Congress wasn’t in recess. Ignored the rulings of three federal courts of appeals that held those nominations unconstitutional.

3.Executive order the DREAM Act without legislation In June 2012, President Barack Obama announced he would be signing an executive order to stop the United States from deporting young illegal immigrants.

4. Executive Order -- White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans completely discriminating based on race, all other races.

5.Executive order Illegal immigrants to serve in our armed forces when Congress has the authority for naturalization. Making sure Illegals get job security while The rest of the country is in double digit unemployment.

6. Gutting the Military of older Veterans and replacing them with illegals that will follow orders to turn their weapons on US Citizens and violate a Constitution that they do not have a connection with.

7. Has tried to gut and rewrite the Second Amendment President Barack Obama has expressed his belief that the U.S. Constitution needs to be interpreted in the context of current affairs and events. He has his own interpretation and it is wrong!

8. His lawlessness and refusal to enforce our laws havepromoted the destructionof morality in our country byrefusing to enforce he has advanced the use of Marijuana (Pot) usingcommunity, by refusing to call out islam for the government that it is (Sharia Law) which teaches brutality and hate speech to non-believers he has advance the muslim community which breeds and funds the largest percent of terrorist, h0m0sexual community by extending federalmarriage benefits, minority community by executive order to advance only the black race education, women's right to abortion community by using federal fundsto supportabortion agencies and their programs,now the illegal community. What anti Christian group will he promote to ring votes out of next? Quite an antichrist he is.

Here is a partial list from Senator Cruz as listed on www.americanclarion.com

Implemented portions of the DREAM Act, which Congress rejected, by executive action.Extended the deadline to enroll in Obamacare.Delayed the ObamaCare individual mandate for two years.Made illegal “recess” appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board when Congress wasn’t in recess. Ignored the rulings of three federal courts of appeals that held those nominations unconstitutional.Allowed individuals to buy health insurance plans in 2014 that did not comply with Obamacare. Extended this delay until 2016—past the mid-term elections.Illegally delayed Obamacare verification of eligibility for healthcare subsidies.Allowed immigrants in the U.S. illegally, who are relatives of military troops and veterans, to stay in the country and get legal status.Aided drug cartels instead of enforcing immigration laws—as found by a federal judge. Border Patrol agents, multiple times, knowingly helped smuggle illegal immigrant
children into the U.S.; “the DHS is encouraging parents to seriously jeopardize the safetyof their children.”Recognizedcounterfeitmarriage in Utah despite a Supreme Court stay on a court order allowing the counterfeiting.Illegally required people to violate their faith via the Obamacare contraception mandate.Extended federal marriage benefits by recognizing, under federal law, counterfeitmarriages created in a state that allows counterfeitmarriage even if the couple is living in a state that doesn’t recognize counterfeitmarriage.Illegally granted businesses a waiver from Obamacare’s employer mandate. Twice.Illegally targeted conservative groups for heightened IRS scrutiny.Unilaterally, increased the minimum wage for federal contract workers from $7.25 to $10.10, via executive order.Illegally sold thousands of guns to criminals, in the operation known as Fast and Furious, and then refused to comply with congressional subpoenas about the operation.Issued signing statements, refusing to enforce parts of congressional-enacted statutes.

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