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impeach Kerry and Obama

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Congress should impeach and convict Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama. Their high crimes and misdemeanors are to succor Hamas, a terrorist organization, and to endanger Israel, one of our strongest allies and a country with whom we have a treaty obligation to protect. Congress has many times passed resolutions supporting Israel. Most recently, Senate Resolution 498, passed unanimously, affirmed Israel's right to protect its citizens against the unprovoked rocket and saboteur attacks by Hamas. In spite of this, Kerry and Obama have in essence thumbed their noses at the American people. They have supported "agreements" that would insure Hamas will be able to continue their evil attacks, killing innocent Israelis in pursuit of their religious doctrine that Israel should be exterminated. Kerry and Obama's actions ignore the clearly expressed will of the American people to support and defend Israel. In spite of the repeated exhortations from Congress, Kerry and Obama persist in supporting a terrorist organization and sacrificing Jews on the altar of their ideological beliefs. It is time to remove these men from office.

To justify such a step requires evidence. Consider. For Kerry, who would have gotten Obama’s agreement, a virtually suicidal pact he attempted to impose on Israel:

· A cease fire in which Israel will no longer blow up tunnels Hamas has dug into Israel;

· Israel will immediately open up all entry points into Gaza without stopping or inspecting materials flowing in;

· No siege and no restriction on Hamas rearmament;

· For this Israel gets exactly nothing.

Any objective person would conclude from this that Kerry is, quite simply, a bigot, intent on supporting the right of Hamas to kill and maim Jews, men, women, the elderly and children. There is a word for this: anti-Semitic.

For Obama, it is the Richard Nixon question- is he a villain, or incompetent? All his major efforts recently- Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and now Hamas, bear the same stain: a refusal to make any moral judgments, combined with equating evil men with those defending their families, countries and civilizations. We do not need, and should not have to bear, more than two more years of a man who has demonstrated this level of either evil or incompetence. As the British House of Commons said to Neville Chamberlin, paraphrasing Oliver Cromwell: “You have sat here too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

Since Obama will not go, I urge Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.

Marshall Onellion, Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin- Madison

David Ramati

Winnipeg Jewish Review


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