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TO FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL OFFICIALS: We recognize the contributions given by immigrants who have come to this country and our State since America was founded and before. We recognize the continued need by our economy for continued legal immigration by immigrants from all nations. However, illegal immigration is now out of control with nearly 12 million illegal immigrants living in this country and placing a burden on social services by consuming them while not paying taxes. Illegal immigrants also place a burden on public health by bringing in exotic diseases that would normally be caught by the health screenings required for those enter this country legally. Illegal immigrants finally create a national security problem because there is no way to determine whether or not they are terrorists or foreign agents intent on harming this nation and its citizens. In addition, many illegal immigrants die on the harsh journey of entering the United States illegally whether by dying of thirst in the deserts along the Mexican border or dying of suffocation as a result of being crammed in cargo trucks or cargo ships. Comprehensive immigration reform must both create a simple process for those who want to enter legally to do so, while at the same time discouraging employers from hiring illegal immigrants, providing for strict enforcement of immigration laws, and using a screening process to keep out terrorists, criminals, and those with dangerous diseases. We the undersigned demand action from our public servants and demand it now. We call on Federal agencies to enforce current immigration laws without exceptions. We also call on Federal agencies to enforce current laws against contractors and employers who hire illegal immigrants and impose fines accordingly. We also call upon all contractors who hire illegal immigrants to be denied all Katrina-related reconstruction contracts. Finally, in order to get the people of Louisiana back to work, we call upon FEMA to require employment in exchange for future FEMA assistance. We call upon our Congressmen to support and pass immigration reform that provides both a streamlined process and a clear path to citizenship for those who want to come and make a new life for themselves legally, while increasing penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants, and providing for stricter enforcement of immigration laws and hiring more Border Patrol agents to serve on borders of both Mexico and Canada. In addition, we call on our Congressmen to reject any proposal for amnesty for illegal immigrants that rewards the breaking of the law and reject any proposed guest-worker program that rewards illegal actions such as stealing Social Security numbers and other violations of the law. We call on state and local law enforcement agencies to assist Federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws by actively seeking and arresting illegal immigrants and handing them over to appropriate Federal law enforcement. We also call upon the State of Louisiana to deny drivers licenses and other forms of identification, admission into state-funded universities, and other public services to those who cannot prove they are in this country legally. Finally, we also call upon the State of Louisiana and local governments to deny Katrina-related reconstruction contracts to contractors who are known to hire illegal immigrants.


Southeastern Louisiana University College Republicans

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