Supporting Illegality is not Religious Freedom

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Etz Chaim of Teaneck is a Synagogue maquerading as a "private prayer group" which meets at 554 Queen anne Rd in Teaneck, NJ. Etz Chaim of Teaneck is currently trying to get their zoning permits from the Teaneck Township and are claiming that they are victims of religious discrimination. Instead of applying for the proper zoning permits to create a synagogue, they applied to build a giant "family room" and got permission to build. As soon as construction was completed it was immediately placed in use for religious services.

The surrounding neighbors sent a statement to the Teaneck Construction Official and Zoning Officer, with copies to the Township Manager, the Township Council and the Board of Adjustment. It included much of the history of the events leading up to the building of the "family room" and provides evidence that the intention was to use it as a house of worship as well as pictures showing it used as a house of worship. This followed discovery of additional work performed without permits including the renovation of the basement. The town responded with an order to stop using it as a house of worship and outlining an appeal process: Etz Chaim appealed.

They immediately complained all around the Teaneck community that their religious freedoms were taken away.


Etz Chaim was stopped from holding services in the fraudulently constructed "family room" and they were not stopped from holding services in any other part of the house. Their religious freedoms were not taken away at all. They tried to circumvent the laws and rules of the Township of Teaneck and are upset at being caught.

When caught circumventing the law, arguing religious freedom or that we are all Jews, hinders your case for sympathy in the secular world and hurts groups that are truly suffering from discrimination.

By signing this petition you recognize that the Township of Teaneck is enforcing the laws of Teaneck, Bergen County, New Jersey and the United States of America. Etz Chaim of Teaneck is not being dicriminated against for being Jewish or for holding religious services. Etz Chaim finds itself in this predicament because they tried to circumvent the laws and got caught.

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