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STOP Parental Alienation. Murder case 223/01/2012 Villieria

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I would really appreciate your support. There is a lot of people in the real world that must live with the fictitious and corrupt Judicial System. The corrupt system the Innocent and good people are relying on to be protected by, must wear the grunt of the corrupt court system. The Legal corruption that produces instant criminals out of this innocent and good people. 

Parental Alienation is Genocide to Children of Divorce and a death sentence to the mommies and daddies. Stop the Government, Dept of Justice, the Ministry, Jeff Radebe, Andries Nel, Nonkululeko Sindane and Maggie Sonyu for their misconduct in allowing Child Abuse and the wurst of crimes to be committed on the children of divorce and parents in terms of Parental Alienation. 

Please support me in this murder case I made, 223/01/2012 - Villieria Police Station(contact person: Luit-Col(v) C Mashigo). Prosecute the above parties in the name of Parental Alienation. Prosecute them for the murders that was committed on the Mommies of the Children of Divorce, Children of Divorce and suicide of the Daddies of the Children of Divorce. Prosecute them for the utmost agony they cause by their neglectfulness and misconduct to allow mommies/daddies to commit Parental Alienation on the children, to the extent it has been done, to the extent that it cause this murders to be committed. The daddies and/or mommies who are allowed to, by the above parties, to be put in this situations where they commit murder or any other offence concerning Parental Alienation, they are probably good parents, the best people for their children, people in prestigious positions in their life's. People who will never ever caused any harm to anyone. People with clean records and in the blink-of-an-eye are turned into instant criminals by the above parties for allowing Parental Alienation to be committed on the children. These innocent mommies and daddies doesn't ask the court for permission for what Parental Alienation is, they decide themselves because what the experience is real and not what the court order them to experience. Because of the real world experience they go and commit the offences because they are in the positions that the above parties caused them to be in. 

When it comes to Parental Alienation, the law is working against the mommies and daddies. They are people with emotions and feelings and the emotions and feeling they experience is the strongest that exist. Feelings and emotions for their children. You can not work with the mommies and daddies of the children of divorce the same way as offenders in crime and a Law system as in criminal situations. These mommies and daddies are not criminals. They are mommies and daddies who wants to be the best mommies and daddies for their children. Not criminals. Why does the court, government, Law system or any other responsible party, put the parents in this situation. It's ludicrous. There is obviously exceptions but the innocent mommies and daddies doesn't deserve to be abused and intimidated by tyranny. Because they want to be with their children? The above parties are criminals for allowing that.

For every Parental Alienation murder or offence that is committed, the above parties are taking out an enormous good part of our effective society because Parental Alienation hurts insane and people goes through agony and/or are killed. If I feels like my life is imploding and it feels like I want to go out of my mind of missing my boy, then I can not live with it to think of how my boy must feel. He just know he feels very bad because I am not in his life. Subconsciously thinks that I left him. He learns that, to feel bad is to feel normal, and that is not normal. 

Word wakker en beself wat aan gaan.

Criminalize Parental Alienation and not in the future. NOW. It is now that innocent mommies and daddies and children are murdered or criminalized by the misconduct of the law. How meany people must be killed before they do something. How meany life's must be destroyed before they listen. 

Look at the Brazilian Parental Alienation Law approved on 23 August 2011.

I have done a lot of research on Parental Alienation and it is real. It is an enormous problem all over the world. I do have a watertight case. Me and my boy must wear the grunt, the agony, trauma and the biggest heartache and pain a human can endure. AND. I am not all on my own. I am not the only one. There are millions of people in the exact same position. Parental Alienation happens in a very high percentage of divorces. 

The reason why the Law makes it so difficult to change the situation for agony to be stopped is because it is one of the biggest income sources of the Legal System. Lawyers makes enormous amounts of money out of the innocent mommies and pappies who will do every thing to be with their kids. That hugely profitable emotion produce enormous amounts for Law Profession. That is the children' money and the lawyers is all to willing to take more and more instructions from the parents to fight for their children. That is ludicrous. They are stealing the children' money. The corruption doesn't ens there. The judges and magistrates always makes orders to protect themselves and/or to produce much more income for the Lawyers. What is the extent of the kick-backs of that money that is produced in that way. That is resources that could have been used for the advantage of the children but the lawyers rather want it. 

I'm researching alternatives to prevent the above corruption and agony. A method is to register a NPO's. Appoint one Lawyer(s firm) to take instruction from the NPO to represent the best interest of the child. Register a PBO to certify donations for tax purposes. Do donation campaigns to Lawyers Firms and other Government Organisations, semi-Government Organisations, Lotto et cetera. With this methodology the Children of Divorce will be represented for a fraction of the costs. It will solve a lot of the problems that goes with Parental Alienation and that will undoubtedly be in the best interest of the child, of which iklaas is part of. 

Best of Regards 
Wessel Snyman 
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 PS I am fluent in Afrikaans, please excuse my English.


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