A petition calling upon the Ministers of Public Safety and Justice to publicly repudiate threats of economic sabotage

Dan Aiken
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In the early weeks of January 2013 several persons in Canada did publicly state that unless their political demands were granted by the Government of Canada that they would, as a hierarchical, political, and interconnected group or groups, commit acts of economic sabotage against Her Majesty the Queen, the sovereign nation of Canada, and all Canadians.

Several individuals have come before Canadian media organizations to threaten blockades of strategic railway lines which are vital for the transportation of persons, food, medicines, and essential goods.

The free movement of Canadians and Canadian-owned properties are the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of all Canadians and the hindrance of such mobility would represent a clear act of unlawfulness and economic sabotage.

Threats have similarly been levied against Her Majesty's public highways.

Any such group, so conspiring to commit acts of economic sabotage and inciting widespread unlawfulness to the detriment of all Canadians, while doing so purportedly in aim of certain political demands, may stand in violation of the Anti Terrorism Act, or other laws of Canada.

We the undersigned request the immediate action by the Ministers of Public Safety and Justice to publicly and unequivocally repudiate statements of economic sabotage and to affirm the unlawfulness of impugning the mobility rights of Canadians.

We further call upon these Ministers of the Crown to remind all persons of the intolerance all Canadians hold for violence, vandalism, and terrorism against Canadians and the Government of Canada. All disputes, political or otherwise, may be resolved through dialogue and legal framework of Canada's just and democratic society.

Terrorism against Her Majesty the Queen, the Government of Canada, and the people of Canada will neither be tolerated nor unpunished.