Stop the Global Identity Crisis

Radhamadhav Das
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Let’s Stop the Global Identity Crisis!


Humanity is suffering mainly from an identity crisis.

There is scientific evidence that we are not the material body, but a sublime being beyond the material body; this concept is called sublimism. (See

Humanity is presently living in a massive illusion about our actual self. The false identification with the material body is at the root of many human sufferings, such as:

- Unhappiness. The global use of anti-depressants is increasing rapidly. Nobody can be happy as long as we identify with something wrong.

- Exploitation of people and environment. The spirit of exploitation roots in an illusory conception of a short human life ending in death due to identifying with the mortal body.

- War. If we learn that we are beyond the material body, we stop to identify with our place of birth and dwelling and extend our feeling of family to the entire world.

- Racism. By understanding sublimism we stop to identify with any human race and thus eliminate racism at its very root.

Let’s Stop the Global Identity Crisis and Help Humanity to Awaken to Our Sublime Identity!

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