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I will support Major General Paul Vallely & General James Mattis

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WillYOUsupport our military leaders if called upon to lead a march into Washington, DC? By support, we mean will youSHOW-UPto back them up?

Do not reply unless your answer is a resounding "Yes!"

ANYONE not signing their names will not be included. Anyone signing "Anonymous" has no guts. We don't need you!

If you have comments you would like to deliver to Generals Paul Vallely & James Mattis, please post as a reply. I would like to get as many comments as possible and hand-deliver them either in person or via e-mail to Major General Vallely. If you will STAND with our Generals, post your comments below. Defamatory remarks will be removed and the perpetrator blocked and removed from this page and petition.

Post ONLY if you will support our Generals, no questions asked. Please limit comments to 5 lines or less.

~Thank you!

The following message was just sent moments ago via e-mail to Major General Paul Vallely.

These are the types of comments we are interested in. We want to show our leaders what kind of support we can muster for them:

"Feedback: Comments we're getting addressed to you and General Mattis on Facebook

Bill Benghazi English

If you give us marching orders we will fall in so quick, Sir, and follow orders, and tolerate no insubordination. You'll see. We are desperate for top leadership with battle experience, a strategist to plan for victory. Mobilized, we can get orders by short wave. We just need objectives and orders how to achieve them. Please help us, Sir. We need you.

P J Flanagan Legier

My father would have approved of you Sir - That's all I need to fall in and march along with ya!

Kenneth Forella

Sir retired Navy will follow you if you need me to. Just say where and when.

Cary Dunlap III

If you wish sir as a pastor, and army i would serve as chaplain, or smear grease paint on, and fight this tyranny to then. death before dishonor... sir!!! retired staff sgt cary dunlap lll% 24th infantry div mech... 110th qm, 5/6 ada. military was, is, and will always will be in my blood. my constitution i served then. needs me to serve her again... reporting for duty.... sir!!! pastor cary dunlap lll%

(Paul, I could spend all day copying & pasting these comments. I've just picked a few that jerk your heart out.)

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