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Under the constitution, the President has the authority to grant pardon for federal offenses, including those adjudicated in the "United States District Courts", the "Superior Court of the District Of Columbia", and "Military Courts- Martial".

The President cannot pardon a state criminal offense such as, a drug offense etc. Instead, applicants seeking clemency for a state criminal conviction require what is known as a "Governor's Pardon" from the governor of the state.

Interesting enough', the rules governing applicant's with federal convictions states, "Applicant's must satisfy a minimum waiting period of (5) year's before he/she becomes eligible to apply for a "Presidential Pardon" for a federal conviction".

On the other hand', the rules governing applicant's with state criminal offenses in states such as Maryland, West Virginia and so forth. Feel "Applicant's convicted of non-violent offenses such as, possession, or distribution are required to wait a period of (20) years". Before he/she becomes eligible to even apply for a "Governor's Pardon" for a first time offense and for the state of Pennsylvania it's (70) years which, is absurd and a disgrace to our society. So...

  • I (______________) hereby exercise the right to petition to amply reduce and vindicate applicant's convicted of criminal law code (s 5-602 "Controlled Dangerous Substance") violation from the post probation, (20) year waiting period which also applies to first time offenders from becoming eligible for a "Governor's Pardon".
  • I (_______________) also believe (20) year's will further hinder offenders convicted of criminal law code(s 5-602 "Controlled Dangerous Substance") violation which, is a non-violent crime from seeking executive clemency, regaining their civil rights and only further the rate of recidivism.


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"Need a Maryland state Pardon packet"?

"Uncertain about the response you may recieve on your Governor's Pardon Application"?



May 11
Non-Violent Felony disenfranchisement is one among the collateral damages of criminal conviction and the loss of rights due to a conviction for criminal offense. Opponents argue that felony disenfranchisement can create dangerous political incentives to skew criminal law in favor of disproportionately targeting groups who are political opponents of those who hold power. In the national elections 2012, all the various state felony disenfranchisement laws added together blocked an estimated 5.85 million felons from voting, up from 1.2 million in 1976. This comprised 2.5% of the potential voters in general; and included 8% of the potential African-American voters. The state with the highest number of disenfranchised voters was Florida, with 1.5 million disenfranchised, including more than a fifth of potential African-American voters. Whats your take on this issue? Read More: https://www.ipetitions.com/my/petitions/619591/highlights
May 8
Thanks for all your support!!
March 11
Greetings, your continuous support is greatly appreciated. We've definitely came a long ways but, we have a even longer ways to go. So stay, enthused, triumphant, and versatile. "Repetition is the father of learning"...
January 18
Happy "NEW YEARS" to you guys, and thanks for you support.
January 18
Happy "NEW YEARS" to you guys, and thanks for you support.
January 18
Happy "NEW YEARS" to you guys, and thanks for you support.
November 18
Hey`, as of today we`ve reached our (125) mark which, also marks a major milestone for us. Just wanted to say this wouldn`t have been possible with out your support. My regards, #Pardonmyswag2.0 team
October 28
President Obamas new total for commutations as of 10/27/2016 is now an astounding 872; where as forty-two of commutations granted the offenders were serving life sentences. Nonetheless, these victories reflect the presidents attempts, to soften the impact against the war-on-drugs era policies that resulted in epic prison sentences for nonviolent offenders. Read more: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/obama-makes-more-history-lets-more-prisoners-walk/ar-AAjuAfl?li=BBnb7Kz
October 4
There are many solutions that could be suggested toward the Governors Pardon guidelines for non-violent offenders, here's one a supporter suggested: 1. First time non-violent offenders: less than or equal to 5 years. 2.Second time non-violent: double the minimum (10 years) etc. -The severity and circumstances of the non-violent crime should be factored in. -It is absurd to have a fixed number (20 year minimum) for every single non-violent offender. Do you think this is a great resolution for this issue, if so explain; leave a comment?
September 14
Much appreciation', to all those showing their support and concern by signing the Petition.