Janis Froehlig

I regret voting for Donald Trump

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Janis Froehlig
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Goals were not reached. Most petitions benefit from financial means to gain more exposure, and in our deeply polarized nation, a petition like this was an obscure container for rare sentiment. Which of those descriptors was more influential is and will remain a mystery.

Instead of taking down the petition, I'm going to leave it up. Though I can't submit it, it can still be viewed. Your name, if you choose to sign, won't influence the electoral college as intended, but people have and will continue to see it. Please sign if the new purpose fits. There is a single linking Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/iregretvotingfortrumppeti...

Here is the original text of the petition:

"By signing this petition, I attest that I cast my vote for Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. I understand honesty and transparency are critical to our governing structure, and am upholding that value. I am petitioning that the Electoral College proccess result in the election of a different candidate for the office of President of the United States. I understand the Electoral College is in place, exactly as it has been since 1961 when the 23rd amendment was ratified, as a "safety net" to prevent possible irreparable damage to our republic, and our implementation of democracy. I also understand the votes cast during the Electoral College process have traditionally followed the majority of popular votes from each state, but that the electors are not mandated to do so. I believe now is the time to break from tradition, and employ better judgement.

If I have a preferred candidate, I have indicated such in the comment field.

(Note: this petition will be submitted directly to all Electors in states indicated by signers on or before December 17, 2016 if the initial goal is reached.)"

(https://www.archives.gov/federal-register/electora...) #Trumpgrets #TrumpRegrets #ElectoralCollege #VoterRegret

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