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I Do Not Support Child Abusers And Pedofiles! 0 tollerance & longer sentences

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There is no excuse for people to hurt or use children for their personal entertainment.All babies and children are little innocent human beings.They are not toys,they are not here for anyone's sick entertainment,they are not a punching bag.All little people want is to be loved and cared for un-conditionally.No strings attached.They need to be able to feel safe and secure.Not shy,timid and scared of grownups and the outside world.Children deserve to be able to have fun,be happy,play children's games,explore their world without having to worry about the 'monsters under their bed'.There are sadly so many children and young people who are still trying to deal with the pain from the abuse they have so horribly suffered at the hand of these predators.Each and every day they are living a nightmare.Just because the abuse has stopped does not mean that they are no longer suffering the mental and emotional turmoil from what they were made to endure.Some may never heal,some may not be able to cope with living with their own personal nightmare that they choose to end it all by taking their own life.My heart goes out to each and every person who has been abused as a child.These Predators should have the 'book' thrown at them.Not given bail,not be given amother chance to hurt or use another innocent child.They need to be removed from society.They have committed a terrible crime and they need to pay and pay dearly!

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