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Hydroelectricity for New York

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I want New York to have a safe power source. Indian Point is a deadly power source. As long as it is up, New York and part of New Jersey are in danger. If a release of radiation goes into the air and water, it will kill us all. New York will become a deadly wasteland graveyard. I know some people are all for Indian Point, and that is their opinion. I won't go against it.

In my 5th grade social studies class, I learned about hydroelectricity. It is the power of moving water. Windmills are a wonderful idea, but there isn't wind always blowing. Water on the other hand always moves. The Hudson River, is a great source because it is large, thus creating a lot of energy. It isn't radio active and it is totally natural from water. Indian Point is not natural, and it is radio active.

I believe that this is a good idea because it wont hurt us like Indian Point can. As long as Indian Point is standing we all are taking a risk. Please sign my petition. You won't be sorry you did!
Thank you, Allison Potanovic: age 10

Just adding on from the Japan Earthquake, if their power plant had a melt down, why can't ours? If Indian Point melts down, almost all of New York and a big part of New Jersey will be gone. It wont take a year for the radioactivity to clear up. You're talking a few 100 years! Japan and New York aren't very different. Japan's time is probably too late. Do we want to end up like that? Scared to sleep that maybe the radioactivity might kill you when you are sleeping. I surely don't. PLEASE HELP SHUT IT DOWN!!


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