Huntington Woods - Hire Independent Emergency Services Coordinator Now!

Adam Kaplan
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We, the undersigned citizens of Huntington Woods, in accordance with our Code of Ordinances, Chapter 12, Article II,

(“The Code”) do hereby implore our Mayor, as part of his responsibilities under The Code, to immediately appoint an Independent Emergency Services Coordinator (“ESC”) with an initial budget sufficient to fulfill his / her responsibilities.

ESC Responsibilities

The ESC will develop and implement immediately a flood emergency services plan, which will include but is not limited to the following:

1) Trash removal and stabilization

A. Review waste removal contract with Tringali and assess performance requirements / remedies. City attorney should be involved in this process

B. Explore all alternative providers

C. Coordinate with Federal (FEMA), State, Oakland County and other nearby municipalities (as needed enter into mutual agreements with nearby municipalities to resolve issues)

2) Health and safety

A. Sewer exposure - identify and communicate risks and remediation plans to citizens who handled tainted water

B. Pest control - oversee a city wide assessment of vulnerabilities due to lack of garbage collection and waste exposure

C. Walking community - provide guidelines for how citizens should circulate our city during this time

D. Review impact of storm on the health of vulnerable members of community (seniors / disabled, etc.)

3) Financial Recovery

A. Assess direct financial impact of flood on 1) individual citizens; 2) city as a whole

B. Provide guidance on claims forms to complete, deadlines and instructions

C. Gather citizen complaints of price gouging / unethical behavior and provide to proper authorities for immediate action

Any other flood emergency issues the ESC deems necessary.

During this process, the ESC will be documenting his / her activities which will lead into a Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Recovery Plan and the creation of an Emergency Preparedness Advisory board to be better prepared in the future.

Petition will be delivered to:

Rod Gillum - Mayor

Amy Sullivan - City Manager



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