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Human Rights Abuse against Akali Nihang Baba Surjit Singh

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Who is Akali Baba Surjit Singh

Singh Sahib Jathedar Akali Baba Surjit Singh Nihang 96 Crori is the Current Jathedar (Leader) of Shiromani Panth Akali Buddha Dal. This traditional organisation is the Khalsa Dal created by Guru Gobind Singh as the vanguard of the Sikh Panth. A number of famous Khalsa Jathedars came from this institution including Akali Baba Phula Singh Nihang of Buddha Dal and Akali Baba Deep Singh Nihang of Tarana Dal, to name a few. This organisation can trace its lineage back to the first army of the Sikhs called the Akali Dal at the time of the Sixth Guru and was named after Baba Buddha ji, and is therefore where the current organisation derives its name from.

Baba Surjit Singh hails from Marad village of Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, and was selected as the 14th Jathedar of Buddha Dal by his predecessor Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Santa Singh 96 Crori. The veteran Nihang Singhs had a Khalsa meeting (Gurmatta), and Baba Surjit Singh ji was officially and democratically elected, due to his faithful and uncompromising nature and following of all the historical codes of conducts that his predecessors followed before him. Baba Surjit Singh began serving this battalion from a very young age where he was responsible for the hard and rigorous sewa of looking after the Guru's horses for over 35 years. He is a dedicated member of the Dal Panth where he was a trusted and admired Hazuri Sewak of Akali Baba Santa Singh 96 Crori, under whose wing he learnt the Guru’s teachings and the prescribed rahit maryada. He is a true saint of the 21st century, as well as devotedly preserving the original traditions of the Guru and well versed in Sikh history, and the dynamics of the Gurus teachings. Baba Surjit Singh is a true practitioner of the teachings, as he only accepts the truth no matter what the outcome, and he has a vision to take Buddha Dal to the new heights. While he was actively taking forward the activities started by predecessor, the Government of Panjab installed a puppet regime that made false court cases and allegations against him, as had been done with Baba Santa Singh the previous Jathedar of the Buddha Dal. The motivation behind this was to control all organisations that oppose the monopoly of the current corrupt Panjab Government .

Baba ji has currently been imprisoned for six years in Patiala Central Jail,with other political prisoners like Rajoana Sahib.There has been no conviction against him, as the charges are fabricated, and do not hold up in Court.All the prosecution case files against Baba Surjit Singh were given to a leading independent forensics company in the UK to examine the evidence against him , and they concluded as there were major inconsistencies and irregularities with the evidence and would render this evidence inadmissible in the Court of law. Furthermore twenty-two other Singhs are in jail with Baba ji, six of whom have no charges filed against them other than being part of the Buddha Dal and have been incarcerated for six years while there are some that have served their term in jail for misdemeanors and are still behind bars. This human right abuse needs to be rectified and we should come together once again and show support for the Singhs illegally held in Jail.. This Petition will be used to lobby the relevant bodies for Justice.

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