HTML Version of Ecmascript 5 NOW!

Marcos Caceres
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The ECMAScript 5 specification (known as JavaScript to most) is currently published in the proprietary "Acrobat (r) PDF" file format. This means that developers can't link to parts of it, it is displayed like a printed document, and it's generally inaccessible... and forces your poor browser to load a plugin to view the document, yuck! It has also meant that other specifications that rely on it are forced to reference sections (e.g., "see section 4.23.2") instead of simply linking to the desired text. This makes implementation and development and discussion around ECMAScript 5 very difficult. This petition is a call to the people of the Web to have ECMA publish a HTML version of ECMAScript 5! It's 2012, and it's time ECMA got with the times and published the ECMAScript spec in an accessible, linkable, and lovable format: HTML5!